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    Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesn’t have any knowledge

    I have been working with a private school from the past 7 years. My Principal has recently developed this habit of intruding into the study material that is being given to the students. She is a PHD in english herself and has no knowledge about economics. SHe is asking me irrelevant questions about economics and trying to unnecessary demotivate me. How to deal with this situation?

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    Re: Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesn’t have any knowledge

    As you mention that you are working from past 7 years in private school then this point also indicate that you are very good teacher for that school. Because 7 years are very long journey. So don't worry about the stupid questions asked by your principal because some people have their different and wrong attitude style.
    So just do 1 thing, when she asked silly question then just give your top most appropriate answer. If still she say something which you feel that is demotivated you, then just ignore your principal and do your job.
    Because you have more knowledge as you have 7 years of experience in your subject.

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    Re: Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesn’t have any knowledge

    Hello Friend,

    You are a professional teacher and you should know when to switch off your mind and when to switch on your mind. There are many people in our society who will ask you many funny questions about economic but that does not mean you have to reply to them. Silence is a very rare skill in these days and you should practice it regularly when you are in talks with your principal.

    How can a English PhD holding a principal post asks such question on economics is beyond my imagination. So, you have to tackle this issue in a professional manner rather than dealing with emotions.


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    Re: Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesn’t have any knowledge

    If your principal is PhD in English Literature then she has not get any big achievement in her life because being a professor of English literature does not show that you are intelligent at all the subjects and as you have mentioned that she has no knowledge about economics at present and asking irrelevant questions from you then you should try to handle this situation easily because you exactly know that she do not know anything about the economics despite asking questions on the economics and trying to show that she is better than you in economics so do not worry and just keep smiling and accept everything whatever she say

    If she ask you any irrelevant questions on economics then you should give a proper detail about that relevant part and if she force you to answer on that irrelevant question then positively say that respected ma'am you are asking about the another subject and there is no language, word and subject of economics in your question because if you will ask me about anything then I would be unable to answer you but if you will ask about economics then I will prudently give you the proper answer so please just think economically not intentionally about anything and keep your argument and when you will read proper economics then you will never ask any question because you will get the knowledge over that subject

    After listening this your principal will be angry internally and not show you anger and realize that she has no more knowledge about economics and will never question you again on that topic and whenever she ask then generally you should say with smile that - Irrelevant Question

    All the best

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    Re: Principal asking me weird questions of a subject regarding which she doesn’t have any knowledge

    firstly don't try to demotivate yourself and there is no reason for discouraging yourself there is no valid reason also to get demotivated its really frustrating sometimes when people who don't have enough or any knowledge in your economics subject ask irrelevant questions but as a principal and also she holds a PhD degree you should respond in your pleasing style don't get disturbed with her questions as she is not related with your subject don't concentrate more in addressing her too much i mean when she asks any doubts which are irrelevant then do give different answer in such a way that she should restrain from asking you .. there are some weak points in some ladies that they don't talk much when others have too much knowledge in their subject .. next time whenever she puts you the irrelevant topics then answer in your own economics style like divert her question and relate it to some economics topic and take a lecture on that topic when she tries to put any cross question then tell her you will explain her in detail after the classes.. the intention of your principle is as simple as she wants others to praise her and she is too proud to hold PHD degree and she is self praising candidate wants constant attention from all teachers and she tends to pretend like she knows every thing in detail but the fact is she knows nothing about your subject.. so its important that you be in through way in your subject and i am sure you are as you have the experience of 7 years now that your principle is over boosting her knowledge don't take it your heart take it easy its very clear that she is not testing your knowledge but she is trying to prove a point that she is superior to you..

    now self feelings are accepted and fine but don't understand that why people start show biz in an organisation you should carry on with your teachings and sometimes people demotivate you because actually they try to think more on self and they seem to control every one its OK you should also know the fact that she is principal and she is head sometimes its mandatory that you don't argue with them as arguments and unnecessary discussions which either of two people are not clear on a particular discussion subject.. its really irritating that when a person is not deserving ask a question which is out of domain.. but what else you could do avoid her and you indirectly ask her that can she teach any important core literature of English so that you could also have proficiency in English ask this question then suddenly her feelings boost up and tend to think you are under her control and it was actually the response she really wants i bet it to you seriously so be cool and calm don't loose your concentration on your subject.. all the best

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