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    Position for which I was selected at the time of interview is not available now

    I had got job in leading Software Company as a project manager. But because of recession and various other reasons my recruitment got delayed by 5 months. When I joined this company after 5 month, some structural changes has happened and the team for which I was appointed no more exists. Now they have appointed me as Technical support manager which is lower position than what I was recruited for. What should I do in this case? Am I fit for such type of job or should I search another company?

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    Re: Position for which I was selected at the time of interview is not available now

    In your case, i would say that the company which you have just joined is still giving you an position even after the team for which you were originally hired is not anymore working .

    In the time of recession and slow growth, i would suggest that you should join this Company at the position they have offered, work here for some time and see if the job that has been offered is good for you and than only look for another job.

    In todays world , you should not leave any job opportunities, till the time you have another good job with you.
    In you case, its not company fault, looking for another job will be totally your choice.

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    Re: Position for which I was selected at the time of interview is not available now

    Hi. This is a time of recession and thus layoffs and shutting down of projects is very common in most of the companies now-a-days. So what has happened to you is really very sad but this is very common now-a-days and happens to many job seekers. So you should not get demoralized and work your way towards having a brighter future.

    Now as you say this company has provided you a lower post than what you were given earlier. Now this job which you have at present is of technical support manager as opposed to your earlier post of project manager. Now I think you can certainly do this kind of work as you have done much higher level work earlier. So i dont think you will have any problem in this present job . As this is a period of recession, so you certainly should not leave this job as jobs are very difficult to be found in these days of recession.

    So i think you should as of now join this job.Start working here and simultaneously keep searching for another good job.Once you find another better job then only you leave this job otherwise dont take the risk of leaving this job when you have nothing in hand. Who knows maybe you will start liking this job and get used to it.

    Good luck friend and Thanks

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