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    PF deposits not mentioned in the salary sheet

    I have been noticing that there is no mention of the PF deductions in our salary sheets. In my previous company, there was clarity about the amount deducted. Please help me with the procedure to initiate the investigation. HR department is mum over the issue.

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    Re: PF deposits not mentioned in the salary sheet

    Hi, Provident Fund Deductions are normally not mentioned on the salary slip, but yes your PF account number should be mentioned there. Once you leave the firm and apply for withdrawal of PF amount then the deductions or the total amount of PF gets disclosed on the Forms that you submit for withdrawal. However, if the PF account number has not been given to you then you might face problems while withdrawing the PF amount. So, ask your HR to let you know your PF account number and not the PF amount.

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    Re: PF deposits not mentioned in the salary sheet

    generally the PF deposits are not mentioned in the salary sheets by the companies.
    As all the companies have different norms and criteria for the new comers.
    As you have that mentioned in your previous company doesnt mean that you should be facing the same environment here also.
    Therefore now when you go to the next company you should clarify all the details about the comp any before only

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