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    Petrol allowance yet to be reimbursed

    I have been promoted and was promised petrol allowance. It is been 3 months as I am yet to receive the petrol allowance in the salary. Should I clear the confusion or find out a house for myself?

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    Re: Petrol allowance yet to be reimbursed

    There can be various reasons for not reimbursing your petrol expenses.This can be because:-
    -The company may have changed its clauses regarding this issue recently.
    -It may have kept this matter as pending for decision to be taken soon.
    -You might get it altogether after a year(at one time).

    So you can do the following:-
    -Enquire whether the company has changed its clause regarding this issue or not.
    -Enquire whether any decision is pending regarding this issue or not or any new schemes will be applied or not.
    -Check properly the terms and conditions of the company regarding this issue.
    -Check your salary details and fuel expense and match with the company's tally.

    -If everything is fine,approach the higher authority regarding this issue.

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    Re: Petrol allowance yet to be reimbursed

    Hi aspirant

    First of all Congratulations for your promotion. I think you should get this confusion cleared from your boss and I am sure he will have the answer to all your queries. Your company should be responsible enough to reimburse your petrol expenses on time and not to delay it in such a manner. They should not be lazy to do such things and should act in a faster manner. They should realise the affect this will have upon their reputation. So you go and talk to your boss personally.

    Tell him that you haven't been reimbursed for your petrol expenses for 3 consecutive months after you were given promotion. You want to know the reason for the delay and also when exactly you will be getting your days. You request him to resolve this matter soon so that you can get back your money and not have any extra financial burden on your shoulders. You hope he will be able to understand your position.

    I am sure your boss will solve your problem and then you can heave a sigh of relief. Good luck

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