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    Personal business during office hours

    Our management never gives us any time to do any personal business during the day. If we have to go to the bank which opens during 9 to 5 then we are never allowed to go there. Previously we could do things over email but now even the email is blocked. If these are management decision then whom do we complaint to?

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    Barnali Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours


    Company is paying for the work...remember doing personal work in work place is prohibated....though it is common practice that people are doing personal work also at work place...

    After internet getting connected these type of work becomes very common....

    If company is restricted from doing personal work at work place...you can't complain to anyone as that will not stand....

    But you can discuss the issue of hampering your personal work also and ask for some resolution to met the same...

    There might be some wayout to get the same resolved.

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    aman Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    As this is your management decision and it has become such a problem that you can not even do your important work like going to bank than you all

    should take this matter to the management.
    If you all combinely put this matter in front of the management they will have to take necessary steps for solving your problem.

    These are genuine reasons and management will obviously give you some freedom.

    Possibly due to previous experiences of unnecessary use of such freedom management would have taken such decision.

    But if you will put forward your problems they will do some modifications.

    Tell them such things puts unnecessary pressure on you and your colleagues thus effects your work so please provide some sort of freedom so that

    you all could complete some necessary duties.

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    amit gupta007 Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Hello Friend,

    your management has been very rude to the employees,they haven't given you and other employees any extra time so that you all can do your important work.
    Even they have also blocked the email now this is very bad.

    you and all the employees can get together and go to the management and explain them your problems and they haven't any time to do out side work.
    Also you are not able to fulfill your family needs because whole day you all are engaged in the job.

    I am sure management will listen your problem when all the employees go together and keep all the problems that they facing in front of them.

    all the best
    thank you.

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    Unpredictable007 Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Hello friend,
    I am sorry to be very harsh but the truth is that company pays you to work for them in the work place and not for the personal work.
    It is strictly forbidden to do personal work in the office. And so you can't claim for that.
    But if you have some emergency then in that case you can ask for leave for few hours from your company and I guess they will negotiate on this.
    Internet connection are provided for the company work and not for your personal mail.
    If you yet want to unblock the system then you can download spotflux and then install it and run after that all your block sites will get open.
    Thank you!!!

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    hggg Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    We should not do any personal works during office hours.It is prohibited to do the personal work during office hours in any company.they are paying you for the work you are doing in office hours.Internet connection are available in office for doing office work and it is not for official works.so,if your work is serious then you have to take a half day leave and do your work but don't waste the office time for personal works.
    all the best
    thank you

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Hello Friend,

    Well, in these days corporate world has become a place for the machines where work is the only gospel. It is against company policy to to do personal work during official work. You have to understand that. But the management also needs to understand that people need to attend their other work as well. So, you should talk to the management about this issue and try to sort it once and for all. You company have to realize that as a human being employees also have their own life and other issues etc.

    Regarding the blocking of email at office, you can always use your smart phone to do the online banking at any time with a single click.


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    realfriend Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    1. You are payment for the work you are doing so you should not practice are personal work during office hours.
    2.This will also create a bad impression on your boss and co-employees.
    3.Your boss can even deducted your payment for that.

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    sucheta Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Personal business during office hours never be allowed. It is very odd to the company/employees/customers. So such ieregularites have to ablish if any within the staff.

    Nobody should encourage such odd practice. It will lead to increase indiscipline/wastage of times/rumour among the customers as well as to the all employees of the

    company.Offfice boss must stop him from such bad activities, and no recommendations should be entertained against such odd practices.Without discipline no concern

    establishment/school/colleges/ even a Govt. can not go ahead. So, without hesitation give the employee warning and serve notice to abolish such practices within the

    office premises as well as during the time of office hours.

    Thank You,

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    Ritz Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Hi Dear,

    I can understand your problem; however, you have to abide by the professional ethics when you are at your work place. You cannot force the management to work as per your convenience. Moreover, none of the firms allow their managers to take care of their personal matters during office hours. So, you would have to understand the constraints of the management also.

    In fact, we should try our best to complete our personal tasks either during holidays or during Saturdays because normally Saturdays are closed in corporate offices while Saturdays are open for banks or other Government offices.

    In case, Saturday is a working day for you, then you can request your manager to grant you a half day leave and do all your personal work.

    My dear friend, remember one thing in life - If you really aspire to climb the Corporate ladder, you have to follow all the rules and regulations laid down by your firm sincerely.


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    vinod kumar Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    hello guest,,
    there are various type of provision in a job and various rules and regulation are there.
    company should always take care about the comfort of the employee.
    there should be some free time either daily or weekly for the employee so that they can give time to their personal use and family.
    it is the right of the employee.
    but in some cases,in private firm,they hire employee at higher rate and use them for hours in a day.
    so,i think you should check the terms and condition of the job and how much leave you can take.
    so first find out these details and then according to that take some action.if anything going wrong or out of rules you may take help of law and police.you should also talk to higher authorities.
    thank you !!!

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    Boss Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    Your own operations continues to be extremely impolite towards the staff members,these people have never offered you and also various other staff members any extra period which means you just about all are able to do your current crucial work.
    You and also all the staff members can certainly gathering plus navigate to the operations plus make clear all of them your current complications and they have zero period to perform out and about part work.
    In addition, you are unable to match your household needs simply because whole day everyone usually are involved yourself within the job.
    I know operations is going to pay attention your trouble if all the staff members go together and keep just about all the issues they will confronting while in front of them.
    Properly, these days business world is becoming is the space a models where work is really the only gospel. It's versus firm insurance policy to help to perform private do the job throughout public work. You should fully grasp that. Nevertheless the operations as well must understand in which individuals need to attend their own various other be well. And so, you need to communicate towards the operations concerning this trouble and then try to kind it the moment along with all. You actually firm should understand that since a human being staff members also have his or her daily life plus other difficulties etc.
    In connection with the hindering involving email during company, it's possible to occurs smart mobile phone to perform the internet checking whenever you want using a solitary click.
    I will fully grasp your trouble; nevertheless, you should agree to a professional life values while you are at the do the job place. You can not drive a operations to work per your current convenience. What's more, no firms let their own professionals to take care of their own private things throughout company hours. And so, you would need to be aware of the limitations from the operations also.

    The fact is, we have to test our very best to try and do our personal duties either throughout breaks or throughout Saturdays simply because normally Saturdays usually are shut throughout business practices though Saturdays usually are available with regard to financial institutions or other Federal government offices.

    If, Sat is definitely a working day in your case, then you can certainly inquire your current supervisor to help scholarhip a person a half day abandon plus accomplish just about all your individual work.

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    G.one Array
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    Re: Personal business during office hours

    • Personal business by any employee in any company during the official working hours is never been allowed.
    • Many employees adjust the personal business by various ways.
    • You can assign your personal business to any other person who is compatible to perform that and are free.
    • You can take a half leave from the company and complete personal work.
    • Internet banking is available for complete 24 hours, you can use this facility when you back to home.
    • So there is various ways by which you can manage both things.

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