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    Pension not yet received after retired from the service

    My father as a government employee and He retired from the Government job. After retired from the service, we didn't receive pension money from government. So, we went related offices, but they say that working period of my father not above 10 year. So,no pension will be grant for my father, Please provide me the suggestion to get receive pension amount.

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    Re: Pension not yet received after retired from the service

    Hello Friend,

    As per Central Goverment Rule, the minimum eligibility period for receipts for pension is 10 years. Hemce, your father is not entiled for pension as his service period is below 10 years. This is a well known rule and I am amazed to find that your father is not familiar with this rule. This rule is applicable to all employess of goverment in India. I am afraid your father will not get any pension from the goverment.

    But still you should visit the Pension department and talk to the concerned authority about this rule. Surely, they will put some light on it.


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    Re: Pension not yet received after retired from the service

    For the government employees pension will come after the retirement.for getting pension you have to have the retirement certificate and the PF number.you have to apply for the pension in the government organisation and the sign of the higher official in the government organisation is required by taking taking the above certificate to the PF office then the pension will be declared for this it take more than 3 or 4 months.A bank account is also required.
    all the best
    thank you

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    Re: Pension not yet received after retired from the service

    Dear aspirant pension rules provided by the govt.for retired employees is equal for all.Here your father did not work 10 years' definitely reasons are there.And your father must know the rules as he is going to retire before completing 10 years of services.So your father's office can not violate the Govt.prescribed rules.
    They are saying right your father is not eligible for pension.

    Now there is no suggestion I can provide for you you are to manage following other source of income your family have.There is a proverb as you saw so you
    will reap, your father worked below 10 years, reasons must be there either your father left the job for to avail better opportunity or you father is a defence
    personal who worked below 10 years, did not age permitted. You should place your statement in full, to get exact reply any way if there is no source of income
    other than Pension then you are to look for other possible sources, you are to innovate the sources sincerely,honestly, to mitigate the problem.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Pension not yet received after retired from the service

    Hello friend

    it is very sad to hear that but this is true that your couldn't get any help in this case because this is the rule,according to the Central Government Rule ,the minimum eligibility period foe receipts for pension is 10 years,i am surprised that your father is not familiar with this law of central government as he was doing government job he should know these.

    i am sorry that no one can help you in this case but still i would suggest you that not loose the hope and you should go the concerned department and talk to them and see what could be possible.

    all the best
    thank you.

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