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    Pending salary and P.F amount not received after resigned from the company

    I had worked in a Pvt company more than three years. I resigned from my company with one month notice period. The company had not done my full and final settlement and my dues are still pending. The company owner promised me to pay the amount in two installments within one month, but still my dues are not cleared besides several reminders. He is making false promises of giving me the payment. Also the company had not deposited my P.F since last month. I had suffered a lot of problem. Kindly advice me for my legal rights and action, which I can take against the company.

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    Re: Pending salary and P.F amount not received after resigned from the company

    Friend your statement is that after resignation you did not get your P.F fund and pending salary though you reminded the company many times.Under the situation you are thinking what kind of action you will take for the needful purpose.

    1.Company is bound to pay your pending salary as well as P.F amount.

    2.You charge/Notice them why they fail to make payment as per their commitment.

    3.If you do not get any suitable reply from the company then you are to proceed legally.

    4.It is true PF amount Company can not hold the amount is kept by EPF cell, hence you must get the amount.

    5.Pending salary must be paid by the company as you served the one month notice .

    6.You proceed to get the legal help against the company as they fail to keep their commitment.

    7.Company can not refuse you until & unless company is declared as insolvent by the competent court.

    Thank You,

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