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    Pay hikes and contract renewal for non-performing rookies/freshers

    I am heading a team of freshers in a publishing house. Company management wish to absorb the team but all of them are not performing at par with the expectations. On the mentorís side, I am afraid that a strong review might seal their career off before the final take off. Non-performing freshers will turn up as liabilities after renewal of contracts as well as pay hike. Please suggest a milder way to handle the situation.

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    Re: Pay hikes and contract renewal for non-performing rookies/freshers

    Hello there !!! just ask the fresher to do their work honestly and with more responsibility. aslo do tell them what could happen if their review goes to be negative in front of the manager. this will forced them to think on their work. and this might be possible that they can be improved from the earliersituation. so just try it out !! hope i am clear to you. thanks for p[osting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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