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    Pathetic condition of the government offices

    I have recently joined as an employee in a post office in Delhi. The condition of our workplace is pathetic with dirt everywhere and everything scattered here and there. I have heard that this is the condition of all the government offices. How to improve such conditions?

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Pathetic condition of the government offices


    There is notjing you can do. you just cannot change the system prevailing
    in india. All the goverment offices are just like that. You should not loose
    your focus and hard working zeal. Many energetic people like you are working
    in such offices though out the country. You can only request your superior
    officer to kindly take actions on dirt prevailing in office and elsewhere.


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    Re: Pathetic condition of the government offices

    Hi friend,
    This is the scenario in almost all government organisations. But you don't have to get disappointed with this. Instead, try and bring a change. Talk to your colleagues on how to make it clean and tidy. Take the initiative and surely many are going to join in. As it is obvious, no one is liking the conditions at your workplace. So be the starter and you will have many following in. Tell the staff deployed to clean your office to be more responsible and to increase their frequency of cleaning the office. But still the major part of it depends upon the people working there.
    As it is fetching a government job isn't an easy task. So now that you were lucky enough to get one and that you have to stick to it, make it the way you want it to be so that you enjoy working.

    All the best

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