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    Are Paralysed employees treated harassed?

    I was chosen for a government job through a competitive exam. I was the first ranker all over country. But when I joined I came to know that no appreciation is there for a talent or intelligence, the world salutes you if you are attractive and stands on his own feet. I am paralysed by birth but is it my fault? People in my work place are not talking to me not having lunch with me as if they are treating me like an untouchable.

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    Re: Are Paralysed employees treated harassed?

    Dear aspirant. . .do not lose heart. . Many people suffer a lot due to this problem. .never mind . .keep on talking to your friends in office. .if you are not felling good with their relation. .just tell them frankly. .every good person will understand your fellings. .i personally advice you not to worry a lot about this problem. .discriminations are all common in any type of working place. . .BE GOOD AND DO GOOD. .

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    Re: Are Paralysed employees treated harassed?

    Hi..Firstly Congrats to you for getting the first rank all over the country and you should be proud of that. You should realise that this is a big achievement because not many people can achieve however hard they may try. And i think there is certainly a lot of appreciation for talent and intelligence and you should not think otherwise.Attractives is a very shallow thing and the inner qualities of a person combined with his talent and hardwork make a person what he is. Only being attractive wont take you anywhere.Certainly there is a lot of place for intelligent and hard working people like you in this world.

    Now as for your colleagues who dont talk to you or have lunch with you, it is very shallow mindedness on their part and they should try to rise above such shallow things.It is they who are at fault and guilty here and not you. Such people have no morals nor any humanity within them. These are a bunch of shallow minded people with no sense at all.They should be punished for this but i dont think its possible. Surely if you are paralysed by birth it is certainly not your fault and its better that these people value your talent and thus treat you like a friend..

    It is these people's minds which are paralysed and you dont even for one moment consider yourself inferior to them. Thus you better concentrate on your work and give it your best..There surely would be some nice and good people in your workplace.Try to make friends with them. Dont even waste your single second thinking about such fools and waste your time on them. God is looking at them and will certainly punish them for their disrespect towards you.

    Keep up your spirits. God Bless and good luck

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