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    Paid leave claims not coming through

    In our company we are allowed 10 days of paid leave. I recently took 5 days of paid leave to go for a family function. I put in the claim for the leave before going the money was deducted from my salary this month. I put in the complaint but it has been 3 months now and I have yet not received my money. What should I do?

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    Re: Paid leave claims not coming through


    Please check the leave balance of that month when the salary was deducted... in case leave balance is zero they can deduct your salary ... however if you have leave balance in your hand, they can't deduct your salary.

    Check your HR/payroll team before asking for the reason.... you can check the payslip... if leave balance is available there.....

    If you are not satisfied with the reason given, you can send a polite mail for the reason of deduction in case you have sufficient leave balance in hand as on that date.....

    Also you should be clear regarding the company policy properly before writing/discuss the issue...

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