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    Paid advances but accountant is denying

    I am working in a private organisation where there are no strict rules regarding anything. The employer is very supportive in providing advances when needed. Myself too had taken advances of Rs.15000 repaid the amount to accountant but he has not cancelled the voucher and denying that I havenít paid the amount yet. What to do please suggest.

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    Re: Paid advances but accountant is denying

    Hi aspirant

    If you have repaid all your advances which you have taken from the company and then also your accountant is denying the same, then its certainly unfair on his part and he needs to be tackled for this. First of all you go and talk to him and see if there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication between the two of you. Now if there has been some kind of misconception, then you clear this with your accountant and get your voucher cancelled. But if there has been no misconception then you should certainly teach your accountant a lesson who is behaving unfairly with you and trying to get more money out of you.

    Go and tell him that you have paid all your advances . You communicated it to him but if he didnt cancel the voucher then its his mistake . He should look into this matter otherwise you would be forced to complain to your manager about this matter. I am sure he will be afraid now and will certainly try to find the solution. Then you wont be cheated and will come out as a winner. Good luck friend

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    Re: Paid advances but accountant is denying

    hello sirI can understand your problem but it is the hidden part of every private company where every employees want to use chance of mischievous ways.as you have paid all payments then you should not worry about it because judgment will be in your favour.you should go to accountant wth valid document or recipe that is proof of deposit and explain all matters with patience.you should tell him /her that it is the matter between us and we don't want to populate it so clear all the matter silently.if accountant is not accepting his/her mistakes then you should report in nearby police station and ask to solve the matter.I hope fearing the court case accountants will accept his/her mistake.so best of luck

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    Re: Paid advances but accountant is denying

    Oh !he not trying to cheat you anyways but still there is a heavy load of money !

    First of all make a note for future that whenever you pay back to any one then dont leave the place till the time that person ticks or cuts or assures you that now all calculations are done.

    Now do one thing and go to that accountant personally when he is free and ask him to emphasise his mind reminding that you paid back.Did you get soemwitness along with you while giving money?If yes then take him with you and if you didnt then the only possibility is by re,minding him else you might have to resubmit the whole amount!

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    Re: Paid advances but accountant is denying

    It's good to know that your employer is very good to all the employees working in his company and it should be because if the communication and relations between employers and employees goes higher then work and performance will be seen by the competitors because everyone will be happy after getting enough support from the company and their necessary requirements will be full filled by the employer so employees will provide the best work in the company that is why this type of employer is necessary to have for employees

    Once you have also taken the advance of rupees 15000 before sometime and paid that on the time so I would like to say that you should contact again to your accountant because there may be any technical problem in keeping your record and all status related to payments and outstanding amount and if accountant say that you have not paid any advance back yet then you should take the evidence of that payment means if you have received any pay slip or receipt of your due payment then you should show to the accountant and prove that you have paid the amount and if he rejects then you have only the way that you consult with your boss

    Go to the boss and mention everything and also say that sir if I would not pay the amount on time then how will you give me again whenever I would have need and finally I have to work in your organization so why I would think so and 15000 INR can not make me a rich person in the world and what would be the use of these few rupees which would be earned by dishonesty and cheating and somewhere we get a huge loss of money and something else if we make money by cheating others that is why I would never like to do the same thing in my entire life and I have paid the amount please check the status sir and let me work consistently

    Your employer is very good and will understand your problem and identify that you are telling the truth and will instruct accountant to remember everything on the time because there may be a fault of accountant that he did not make any entry of your payment in the computer system

    All the best

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