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    Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    We had got lot of work pressure because of which my manager told us to do overtime and the same amount will be credited along the salary. But it was not credited along with that. Now they are telling me to consider this as a comp off and take one week leave instead getting cash. What should I do in this case?

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    Re: Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    Accept comp off or leave and also remind them that you are not going to do over time again even if it is really required. OT policy can be revised or changed time to time by the company as per their requiement and you should ask them about the policy and work accordingly. If reimbursement of OT hours is mentioned on your offer letter, you can ask for the same, for this, you need to talk to your manager or HR department.

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    Re: Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    There is nothing wrong in doing work overtime. But a company cannot compel its employees to do overtime. It is the discretion of the worker whether he has to do the overtime or not. The employee is the right person to decide about the same. If in the terms and conditions of the appointment the employee agrees that he is ready to the over time then the employer has a right to ask the employee to work over time. If the company is a shop or a commercial establishment then the employer has to give twice the salary to the employee for doing the overtime.

    The salary of the overtime has to be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the appointment letter. If there is no such clause then it has to be done according to the standing order of the company. In our post you can see that while the manager has asked you to do the over time then he has promised you that your salary for the over time work done will be credited to your account. Hence you are liable to get the overtime salary since the manager as promised the same to you while compelling you to work over time. But the manager has not done so. But you have the right to get it.

    Your manager has no right to convert the over time to leave for 1 week with salary. He has no right to do so if the employees do not agree with the same. What you can do is that you have to meet the manager and say that you dont want leave with wages, but you want over time wages. If he is not allowing then you should go and meet the HR of your company and ask him to give your salary for which you has worked as over time. If your grevence still persist then you have to meet the concerned officer known as labour officers in your area and you have to narrate all the facts happened to you and he is bound to act with regard to the compliant given by you.
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    Re: Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    Hay Buddy....

    you have done the work as per the suggestion of your Boss.. But its a very bad behavior of your company and your Boss...
    It also may be that your Boss has forgot about your Overduty, So let him remembered politely... You will get your overduty salary
    in your next payment....

    All The Best....

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    Re: Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    Hi friend

    Your manager should have stuck to his previous promise and must have provided you with extra salary for the overtime . Its certainly wrong of him to say something and then do something else..But as you you should try to maintain good relations with your manager for your progress and growth in your company i think for the time being you should do as he says and take trhe leave..

    But if your manager continues to do like this and maintain the same behaviour in the future then you should certainly not stand such injustice at his hands ..You should go and talk to him regarding this and tell you think you deserve salary for this overtime and it would certainly be better for you rather than taking leaves for the same..

    I hope you understand..Good luck..God Bless

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    Re: Overtime work payment not done along with the salary

    Hello friend,
    IF There is no payment for your over time in your office then
    please bring it to notice of your manager and also the accounts department of your office.I would like to advise that it is not a big deal to regain your amount that you have not received.Please don't give more attention to it and If the problem remains unsolved after noticing the above mentioned people.Then write a hand written or typed letter to them and you can also consult consumer forum for it.

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