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    Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    I am working in a software company. We are a team of 10 members working on a particular project.Yesterday I and some of the members went to our team leader as we wanted him to guide us properly regarding some aspect of the project. But he wasnít able to guide us properly as he himself was confused. I donít think this is good for the team. What to do in such a situation?

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    vinod kumar Array
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    Re: Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    dear friend,,
    you are right if team leader is not good then team can't go in right direction.
    you should tell about these problem to all the members so that they can decide an alternative.
    i think you all should think for a change of team leader because success of project totally depends upon the team leader.
    it is the team leader itself who is responsible for the success or failure of the project.
    if the teamleader is not good then obviously project can't be success.
    so,if you all members can't do any thing then you all should talk to some senior member regarding it.
    thank you!!!

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    Re: Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    being a team leader he should be in a position to guide all your team members in a right way so that you will be able to success in any aspect.as you said your team leader is not responding then you may directly ask him to leave that position and you be a team leader and if he listens then it is fine if he doesn't listen then go to your manager directly and say your problem to him.deal the matter in a smooth and softway and in a friendly manner.
    thank you............

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    Re: Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    We all are human beings.It is obvious that a person cannot be hundred percent perfect.There are flaws in everyone and even your team leader is a human being.So it is natural that it is not possible for him to know everything or solve all the problems.However it is
    expected that he is supposed to clear all the doubts and guide you all to the right path.

    It is indeed not good for the team that a team leader is himself confused about the proceedings and the project concerned.It is essential for the team leader to have a clear idea about the project concerned and all the plans involved to accomplish it successfully.If the team leader's performance is not upto the mark then the whole team is sure to get a setback.

    -You all should also cooperate with the team leader in this respect too some extent.
    -You all should try to think first and get a solution to the problem.
    -You all may suggest the team leader to proceed in some way or by suggesting some plan.
    -You all should give him some time.
    -If still problem persists,then you all should approach the higher authority.
    -Tell about the problems faced by you all.
    -Request for a change of team leader.

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    Re: Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    Dear this is really critical for you and for all the members included in your team because if the leader will not be good and sincere about the job and if he has no knowledge about the duties that are given to him by the company then this may create a huge loss because encouragement is most mandatory in every single case related to business and if employees or members of the team will not be motivated by the manager or leader then they will be unable to work in a right manner that is why this is the first quality should be in a successful team leader otherwise because of one man, all other members also may get loss in the job because if your team leader will not guide them in a proper then they will work whatever they want and apply their own ideas in completing the project and if the project could not be completed on time then clients will not come to your company and your company may get minus so you should think about it

    First of all you all members of the team should get together and talk on this serious matter and again go to the team leader and ask them the solution of your doubts and ask for encouragement about the completion of project and if he again gets confused in the same way then there is no chance for you excluding to go to your manager of the company and this may harm the profit that is why you all should collect your ideas about the project and share with the team leader and if your team leader give any other idea then you should follow or if he copies your ideas then you must go to your manager and mention the entire incident but you all should go to the manager and tell them about this situation and your manager may give you another team leader and will teach your old team leader about the leadership and management

    All the best

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    Re: Our team leader is not able to guide us in the right direction

    That you are appropriate in the event that staff chief is poor quality then staff cannot use appropriate direction.
    you ought to notify regarding these types of issue to all the particular members so they can make your mind up the alternative.
    i believe every body should think for something new associated with staff chief for the reason that good results associated with undertaking 100 % will depend on the team leader.
    it is the staff chief by itself who seem to is mainly responsible for the particular good results or disaster from the project.
    if your teamleader is poor quality then naturally undertaking can not be success.
    Many of us are usually people beings.It is see-through that the person are not 100 % perfect.There are usually flaws with everybody and also ones staff chief is an individual's being.So it truly is pure that it isn't likely intended for your pet to learn anything or address all of the problems.However it truly is
    anticipated that he or she is supposed to very clear all of the uncertainties and make suggestions all of to the correct path.

    Sure it's law the team that the staff chief is herself bewildered with regards to the process as well as undertaking concerned.It is required for the team chief to get a very clear idea about the particular undertaking worried and all sorts of the particular plans required in order to do it successfully.If the team leader's operation just isn't upto the potential then a total staff is certain to obtain a setback.
    Precious this is really crucial for you and also for all you members as part of your staff as if the leader are not beneficial and straightforward with regards to the employment and if he has absolutely no understanding with regards to the jobs that are given in order to your pet by way of the business then this can make a big reduction for the reason that reassurance is many mandatory in every single case in connection with company and if staff or people the team are not enthusiastic by way of the boss or chief then they will be unable to work in a right approach this is why this can be the 1st top quality should take an excellent staff chief usually for the reason that of a guy, all your other members can also find reduction in the task for the reason that in case your staff chief won't tutorial these questions correct then they work effectively what you wish and apply their very own concepts with performing the particular undertaking and if your undertaking can't end up being completed promptly then clientele won't come to your small business whilst your business will get minus therefore think about the idea

    Initially you all of people the team should celebration and talk about this serious subject and all over again visit the staff chief and inquire the solution of your uncertainties and request for reassurance with regards to the completing undertaking and if he or she all over again receives bewildered just as then there's no chance to suit your needs forgetting in order to see your boss from the business and this can hurt the net profit this is why every body should gather your thinking with regards to the undertaking and talk about while using staff chief and in case your staff chief allow almost every other plan then you definately should observe or maybe he or she reports your thinking then you definately ought to see your boss and mention all the event yet every body should visit the boss and explain relating to this situation whilst your boss could give you a further staff chief and definitely will train ones older staff chief with regards to the leadership and supervision,.

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