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    Our manager is not authoritative at all

    I am working in an automobile company. Our manager is a very nice person but he has one major weakness. He is not authoritative at all .So the employees take undue advantage of his good nature and make fun of him behind his back.I am really very fond of my manager and thus really want to convey this to him. How to put up this in front of my manager?

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    Vinod Singh Bisht Array
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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    Dear Friend,
    You just remember him by any means. In indirect way you may discuss this matter with him face to face. Sir when you will get the authoritative approach. I think he will know all about this. Friend, talk will never end so don't worry about that. All The Best

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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    Hi friend

    You should definitely convey this to your manager as it will be good for his future and also he will know the reality is. Its very important for him to know the reality otherwise he would not be able to adapt himself according to it. He should definitely learn to be authoritative, being in the position that he is and should not let his employees make fun of him in this manner. It is very good to see you showing so much concern for him as it is very rare when an employee shows so much concern for his higher offcicials. So friend go and talk to him and tell him everything without any hesitation.

    You should go and speak to him personally. Tell him that you want to tell him something which he should definitely know about. You are here to tell him this in the capacity of a well wisher and don't mean any kind of harm at all. In your opinion he is very kind hearted and not authoritative at all. So due to this some of the employees take undue advantage of his good nature and make fun of him behind his back. Ofcourse you can't reveal their names to him but you hope that he does not let them take undue advantage of him in such a manner. You really hope that he is not lenient with all the employees and be a little authoritative so that they respect him.

    I am sure your manager will take to your words kindly and will hopefully try to mend himself. In this way the employees who make fun of him would not dare to do such a thing again and thus your manager will be known as someone authoritative after all. Also you would come in his good books and I am sure he will indebted to you forever for this kindness. Also this will be certainly better for his future as well as he is holding a position of high authority.

    So friend, don't delay this and do it soon. don't be afraid that if someone comes to know about it, what will happen to you. Just do what you want to and help your manager overcome his shortcoming. I hope you do as I say. Good luck friend

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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    Hello ,
    I think it is a serious problem if your manager is not authoritative enough as the employees are bound to take un-due advantage of him .
    I guess you could walk by and talk to your manager and convey the same to him informally.

    He is clearly not able to see the downsides of his behavior . It is okay to be fun and close and casual with your
    employees but not to the extend that they are super-imposing things and dictating terms .

    • Point out to him the loss the company is getting because of his behavior .
    • Although he is an excellent manager , his authority is not that up to the mark .
    • Try to explain him how him not being authoritative is a risk to his job and the performance of the employees
    is decreasing -- plus they mainly just waste their time and take work lightly as they KNOW nothing will happen
    because of their casual attitude .

    As a employee, ensure he builds enough respect around the office but he needs to be more authoritative
    with the employees as some people are making a mess of things in the office and just have started taking you for granted .

    I hope that your views will make a difference and he will be able to command in a better way .
    Thank you !

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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    In most of the offices, staff makes fun of Mangers when the manager is not around.
    If your Manager is able to get the work done from all his reporting staff as required by the senior Management of the Company than he is doing fine.
    If he makes sure that all employees are following the rules, coming to office on time etc than he is doing fine.

    Some managers may be soft cornered, but dont think that they are ignorant to the issues surrounding the team
    Thye have reached that position after working hard from lower post only
    I would suggest that you should not think much about it

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    kshitiswari Array
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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    It is good to see you as a very sensible person who wants his manager to be admired not only by him but also by others. I have some for you.

    1. Talk to your manager about this directly but by being in your limit.
    2. While making him corrected use words like ‘it would have been good’ or ‘I would like to add’ or ‘let me allow to say’ etc etc.
    3. Never put harm to the dignity of your manager, show respect yourself while convincing him the matter.
    4. Also add that you are not going to let others take advantages of the sweetness of your managers behavior.
    5. Now teach him how to be authoritative.
    Bye take care.

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    Re: Our manager is not authoritative at all

    company management should deal this matter as because its the management that needs to check the skills and authority of a manager its very common that co-employees of you take undue advantage good nature of the manger because they lack morals and manner commenting and making fun of managers is very bad when your manager is good and encouraging guy, i know your feeling bad, when you really respect your manager then meet him personally not in office hours as because it could lead to interference of your co-employees tell him about the situation and incidents happenning in sincere and honest way indirectly only as because you should not hurt him also all the best

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