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    Our head Doctor is very high-headed

    I am a nurse working in a private hospital. Our head-Doctor is very high-headed
    and treats the staff working under him like his servants. He doesn’t give us any appreciation and thinks that we are his slaves. How to deal with such a person? Can we complain to someone?

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    Re: Our head Doctor is very high-headed

    Hi friend

    Such high headed people should certainly be taught a good lesson so that they come down to reality and dont think themselves to be Demigods of some kind. They should be taught a lesson which they would remeber throughout their life.So you should certainly not withstand such injustice from your head doctor and teach him to treat all humans as equals and not like some kind of low people. He should be made to learn some manners and moral values in how to deal with his juniors and subordinates.

    Firstly you and the other nurses get together and talk to him directly. Tell him that you will not withstand such high headed behaviour from him from now on. He should mend his ways and treat them like proper subordinates and not his servants. He should give respect to them and proper appreciation whenever they deserve it. He has no right to treat them like his slaves and always behave rudely with them. This is his last warning from their side as they think that everyone deserves a second chance. But if he doesnt improve even now they will be forced to complain to the management regarding his arrogant and uncalled for behaviour and ill manners towards his nurses and other subordinates.

    I am sure your doctor will be ashamed of himself and certainly mebd his ways from now on. This will be good for his future also. Otherwise if remains as it is , then you should not be afraid and go and complain to your management regarding his behaviour. They will certainly teach him a lesson which he wont forget.

    Good luck friend and Thanks

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    Re: Our head Doctor is very high-headed

    Re: Our head Doctor is very high-headed


    Even the nurses play a very important role in the functioning of a hospital.
    In fact the hospital cannot run if there are no nurses and help boys.
    I think you should make the doctor realize that its because of you all that he is surviving in the hospital.
    In fact there are few works that are taught to the nurses only and even the doctors are not capable of doing them.
    Hence you should be treated with full respect and liberty.

    If the doctor continues to treat you like this,then you can complain about him to the Higher Authorities.
    I am sure that some actions will be taken against him!


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    Re: Our head Doctor is very high-headed


    Its a nature of human that such doctors are still there....
    Doctor must be a calm cool and problem solving person.

    * make a group who want to launch this complain.
    * Make a application letter.
    * Launch all serious issue in it.
    * Then present that letter to staff senior.
    * Letter must report to director, manager or senior executive.
    * He then will guide you for further suggestions.
    * Remember that a single person complain can be ignored .


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