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    Our boss is a very hard hearted person as he refused to give leave to a sick employee

    I am working in a government organisation. Recently one of the employees got very sick but our boss still refused to give him a leave. This was very unfair and heard-hearted. Such things have happened many times in the past also.By doing such things he is setting a bad example for others. Should I raise my voice against such behaviour from our boss?

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    Re: Our boss is a very hard hearted person as he refused to give leave to a sick employee

    It is very issue.If any one feels ill health then leave should be given.A ill person cannot do the work properly.It is really unfair.you have to raise your voice against your boss.your boss refused to give leaves for most of your colleagues when they are in ill health.All the company staff should raise their voice against this.Every person will be in need of leave when they are ill.so,all the staff should be united and should raise the then definetly your boss may change and can give leave.
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    Re: Our boss is a very hard hearted person as he refused to give leave to a sick employee

    You can not raise your voice against your boss directly because he has the power and he may give negative feedback about your job to the higher authorities then you will find yourself in trouble so that try to avoid this situation for sometime and form a team of employees and colleagues in your office confidentially that you are going to do something so your boss give you sick leave and other necessary when required because such type of behavior will not be accepted by any employee in the office and everyone would like to fight against boss so you should get together and collect all the employees when boss is not present in the office and call only trusted colleagues who do not leak the information otherwise you all may get loss and that will be huge

    When you converse then ask to all employees that either they want a satisfactory and comfortable job or tolerate rude behavior and threatens all time then all will support you then you should say that I am writing a letter to the higher authorities of the organization and in that I will complain about our boss to the higher authorities but you all will have to be agree about this and sign on that letter and show your acceptance while doing that and if you all will support me then we would take a right action soon against this behavior and if I will submit the same alone then I will not get any reply from that side so you all should be with me in this situation and get ready to get a very good behavior from our boss so all will accept that letter

    Finally you should go to the head office of your organization and do not afraid because you are a government employee and no one can fire you so take advantage of that rank in positive way and if you will send that letter through post then that will be good and you will have enough time and no suspect from your boss and I am sure that you all will get satisfactory reply from the higher authorities that will be in your favor and you will see that either your boss will behave good with everyone or a new boss will be posted there

    Mention your all sorrows in that letter so head will take a right action soon and if you will simply write a letter on the behavior of your boss then nothing you will get from that side so write everything that you have faced

    All the best

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    Re: Our boss is a very hard hearted person as he refused to give leave to a sick employee

    generally when employees in your company are denied sick leave for a valid health reason then it makes no sense that you raise your voice against him at this point of time you as an individual cannot raise your voice against your boss anything needful can only be done through proper channel.. firstly your boss is at fault and he is committing grave mistakes by denying the employees freedom and right.. you work in government organisation so getting a sick leave is very easy as compared with private organisation in private organisation also employees have some days as leave or PL's what all call it personal leave are plenty for government staff nobody has the right to deny sick leave when you have your set of leaves pending.. government employee has the power to get their set of leaves on medical grounds i think your boss is over thinking he tends to set some strict rules which are out of constitution its the fact and the incidents that are happening is a cause of concern.. i hope or i am sure that you government employees do have some association for a concerned department so you can meet the HR or personal department in your department set an appointment with the officials and send your leaders and important leaders from your govt employees association and have some back channel negotiations i am sure your arguments will be strong enough as your boss is denying not your sick leaves but your right mind it.. all the best

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