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    Our boss is strict with all the employees except his favourites

    I am working in a government organisation. Our boss is a very strict person and punishes the employees for even the smallest of things. But he does not keep the same rules for his favourites and is very lenient with them. Now this sort of bias is not welcome at all. How to raise our voice against this?

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    Re: Our boss is strict with all the employees except his favourites


    This is partiality by your boss towards other employees.

    You and other colleagues must talk to him that this is unfair and every body should be treated equally.

    Though such people do not change, yet you should try for it.

    And if it is so, then you must work hard and best to get your name in his favorities.

    You can also take this matter to your senior boss.

    He may explain him his mistake.

    Hope your problem gets solved.


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    Re: Our boss is strict with all the employees except his favourites

    Favouritism happens when the leader displays discriminatory treatment towards those workers World Health Organization they're connected with, to the impairment of different workers and overall firm performance.

    It is the foremost demotivating issue that many people might experience. In straightforward terms, it means that a personal or a group of people area unit treated superior than others and it should perhaps not be for the reason of being higher at work.

    The consequences of favouritism at work area unit greatly discernible in terms of endorsing and promoting somebody unduly. geographical point favouritism gives a notion to the other employees that someone is treated in an exceedingly higher way for no valid or convincing reason.

    It additionally shows discriminatory treatment is predicated more on knowing the person with less potential thereby resulting in discrimination. The action of the leader is proved in refined instead of obvious ways in which. Favouritism may be identified in one or more of the subsequent ways:

    *The superior spends an excessive amount of time and socialises more with the favourite worker than the other worker in the organisation

    *The superior confides in the favourite worker and discusses all the confidential problems

    *The superior commends the favourite worker for even a small achievement that others aren't praised for

    *The superior overlooks even the mistakes created by the favourite worker

    *The superior gives extra advantages and help for completion of the task to the favourite worker

    *The superior takes advises of the favourite worker without gauging the pros and cons even in problems concerning emoluments of different employees

    *Above all, the favourite worker enjoys more advantages choose office, additional perquisites and advantages than others World Health Organization area unit in the same position

    When geographical point favouritism takes place, it is best to agitate it at its earliest part. If neglected, over a period of time, it gets translated into reactions like, different employees disliking work, withholding of data, frequent arguments resulting in a stifling work atmosphere, distrust and bitterness towards the boss and the favourite worker.

    The signal of dislike itself may be a threat to the geographical point. Resentment, anger and hate area unit the consequences of discrimination that eventually results in rumours, jealousy and conflicts at the geographical point. Jealousy results in vicious rumours that successively lead to back stabbing.

    The other employees, however dedicated, may feel unrecognised, notwithstanding however arduous they work. Favouritism features a nice impact in the organisational dynamics of the organisation building ill will between the employees.

    A good boss would keep matters under control and curb favouritism before it gets out of hands. Some bosses even keep dynamical their favourites oftentimes. this may happen solely in organisation wherever the boss is weak in taking decisions. There area unit employees World Health Organization misuse the power to push and pull each other to be the bossís favourite. the very fact is that the worker World Health Organization is treated special today isn't aware that it should not be the same in future

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