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    Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    I am working in a MNC. I have been noticing since I joined this company 6 months ago, that our boss is an immoral person and has no respect for his secretary at all. He keeps on making sexual gestures at her and when she ignores him he speaks rudely with her. I think that he should be removed from his position. What can I do to teach him a lesson?

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    Hello friend
    At that time most of the peoples respect the women and your boss doing just opposite of it. now what you have to do is that file a written complaint application against him and send it to your higher authority please mention in the application that our boss have a doesn’t have a manner how to talk to the secretary of our office he always shouting on her so my request to you that please take a necessary step on this problem…
    Thanking you hopes you like my suggestion…

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    As per the deeds of your boss, his immorality is shown here.
    And hence as you're not his senior official, you cannot do something on your own to terminate him, sad but true. But you need to approach to some senior employee working over there who can control him and give him a lecture such that he doesn't repeat his habit again.
    Gud luck

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    its a critical situation where you have to handle in a proper state otherwise it would cause a danger for your present position that is you are working for them and if any small mistake can cause a lot of difference so please think twice to take a good decision.
    as you said he doesn't respect your coworker then say her that its better to resign her job because here self satisfaction is more important than anything,so suggest her that if your boss behaves in the same manner then say her to give a complaint from her side and if they dint find the solution then its better to leave the job and ask her to have a new job.
    thank you.............

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    Be practical how could you remove him and teach him lesson ,its been 6 months that you have joined the company so its important that you should consolidate your position. Regarding your boss actions are of serious and this requires attention from higher authorities but it will be possible only when she(secretary) files harassment case against him then all employees should collectively forward it with approval signatures of each and every employees then you can make a strong protest this requires courage and bravery to clean up the society and also drive away womanizers from work place... Don't worry cctv footage can nail him also as an evidence

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    Hi Dear, I understand your concern for the lady employee in your office. However, you have to keep in mind your position and tenure in the firm before taking any formal actions against the derogatory remarks of your boss. As of now, you should ignore such remarks and maintain focus on your work. I suppose the lady who is subjected to such remarks by your boss should take an appropriate action and not you. She is an independent and matured individual who must be knowing the ill effects of such remarks. So leave her situation on her and you think about your attitude in office. Thanks.

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    If i were a girl and boss do these things to me then first of all i will give him the tight slap on the face with some punches on nose and then give the resignation on the spot , this will teach him the lesson that never do any kind of misbehaviour with the girls at any point of time.
    Because there is nothing more than self respect, if you have any respect about yourself then no one can dare to do that.
    As you said that boss misbehave with secratory, then one thing i need to say is never get interfere in these kind of problems of others because this will be trouble for you and that girl as well.
    If she is not saying anything to him and not giving the reply then there must be something wrong eithr she is used to of it or she dont have self respect. Because its a very bad thing that she does not raised the voice against that.
    If you think that she is innocent and require help or she has told you to help her then you can do something but if she has not asked you for help then there is no point to help her.
    If you think that she hesitate of raising the voice then you can teach your boss secretly without any information that you are helping her and make sure that your boss also should not know anything regarding the same.
    You can do whatever you think good but secretly.

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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary


    It is quite needed to be very practical at this particular situation.

    It's quite difficult to take any step now and here.You will have to handle the situation properly otherwise it may create a danger for you later on.

    First of all,fix the cctv footage in the cabin of the boss.

    Secondary,make a written complaint regarding your boss actions and send it to the higher authorities with the permission and signature of each and every employs working there.

    Cctv footage will work as the evidence in the last.

    Be quite brave and confident.


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    Re: Our boss doesn’t know how to respect his secretary

    The problem is serious, but it doesnot affect you directly. So think twice before taking any action. The lady who has been working with is the one who is affected directly. She must be tired and ridiculed with this man's behaviour. But until and unless she speaks out against her, I wont advice you to open your mouth against him. You can personally talk with lady and see what she has to say about it. If you find that she needs any support to speak out against this man, then definitely help her in all possible ways. But don't mess with the man unnecessarily as the problem doesnot involve you directly.

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