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    Our bossís differences with his wife are creating a lot of problems for all the employees

    I am working in a private firm. Our boss is facing a lot of problems in his personal life as he has a lot of differences with his wife. This is creating a lot of problems for all the employees as he fights daily with his wife and then takes out his frustration on the employees by scolding them unnecessarily. What can be done in such a situation?

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    Re: Our bossís differences with his wife are creating a lot of problems for all the employees

    Professional life is at it's place but personal life should be so far from professional life because personal life may not help in the professional area at any situation and if anyone includes then they will get negative result for that

    If your boss has differences with their wife then this is the personal matter of your boss so he can handle but if your boss taking out his frustration on the employees then it is not going good because personal is personal and this type of matters should be handled personally not professionally

    You should see the right time when your boss is not in mood of anger because sometimes he may be in good mood from his personal relations so when you see that your boss is busy and working without scolding anyone and not looking frustrated then you all employees should go to the office of your boss and ask them about the status of the company but do not go on personal matters directly

    Say to your boss that you are looking really worried about company and life so may we know the reason of this situation and also mention that if you will be the same then it may effect your health as well that is why think about it first because health is more important than business and if you will be free from all tensions and healthy then you will be able to work long and this company will see the profit in future but you are the owner and managing all of us so if you will be tired and worried then what about all of us because we are managed and survived by you so also think about us sir because we provide our time to the company and work hard for the profit and your wealth

    If there is any serious problem then tell us may be that we could help you in that problem but if you will not share then you will be so tired soon and tensions will be surround you and that may effect all of us because we are here because of you and if your boss mention that their personal life is being unacceptable for them then you must take the solution of that problem

    You may share your thoughts and experience to the boss because everyone has personal life and different types of experience so tell them that what would happen if you and our ma'am or your wife live together without any problem and tensions because the dispute between you and your wife is the major cause of your tension that is why first of all you should try to solve this matter then think about business because this is first and we may help you in this situation and if you say then we may talk to your wife on this dispute and may console them on this matter but first think about the reason that why are you fighting each others and try to remove that cause from your life and try to understand thinking and accept the thoughts of each other then only your life may be well and you will live with happiness but if you will fight and keep your fight continue in the same way then you will not get a happy and wealthy life

    You think your business is first and your wife think that personal life is first so you should keep this thing in mind and give time to your wife before business because they are made for personal but you are not made for the business only so if you will give them enough time then they may be happy with you and while that time you should make to understand them the importance of the business and try to mention that business is being crack between both of us so you should think about the business too

    If possible then you should meet the wife of your boss and tell them about the situation in the office because of the fight of both of you and suggest them to live together without any tension and problem because the life runs on two wheels that are - Husband and Wife or Male and Female and if anyone wheel stop working with other one or both stops running then life will stop and you will be frustrated and start thinking negative about the life as others do who have been failed to pass the life successfully and also share your experience that if you live together with love and peace and understands each other on time then your life will be marvelous and memorable for all the world because love can change anything and everyone so think about your life that was before when you started running together and try to understand each other because this thinking is must in life and if your thinking goes different then destruction of the life starts

    Also suggest them to give some time for family and kids and go to hangout with them sometimes or at weekends and be with your wife when they go somewhere as temple or market or meet relatives so this habit create positiveness in the mind of everyone and you will be called better one in life

    All the best

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