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    Original document submission for contract job

    I have got the job from company on their client side, i asked me to submit one of the original certificate for two months contract job.if the client company is satisfied with performance the contract may increase.So should I get back the certificate after two months or if contract extended than also I will not get the certificate?

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    Re: Original document submission for contract job


    You should request them to return the original certificate as it is eseential for
    you to preserved it for near future requirement. You should also request them
    wheather a photocopy of the said certificate will serive the purpose or not. No
    matter what happens you need to have the certificate at your disposal. What will
    happen if the misplace the certificate??


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    Re: Original document submission for contract job

    See as they are asking you to submit your original certificate than you should first be clear that why they are asking for it and why they want to keep

    it with them.

    Tell them that you are afraid that your original documents might get misplaced so you are inquiring about the same.

    Ask them when they will give it back if it is necessary to give the certificate.

    Also for safety you can keep a backup of your documents in form of photocopies, if possible you can also ask them for any written document that

    they are having your original certificates, as these things are really important and thus needed to be taken proper care of.

    Don't get shy in asking anything that you are confused about related to your documents as they are really important one.

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