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    Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    Hi i registered in a online job portal for data entry jobs. I am good in typing completed lower and higher level in typing in first class. So i wanted to do this job for part time. There are many online data entry jobs. I don't know if that is trustable. Is anybody worked on online data entry jobs. If its trustable please share me the link and address of that particular site or company. It will be very useful for me .

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    sweetyilu Array
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    Re: Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    hello friends...

    most of the online data entry jobs are not trust able so choose good online data entry jobs

    all the best



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    avikiit Array
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    Re: Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    Hay friend...
    Before joining the job, must ensure about the Company you are joining, and must ensure about salary..
    There are so many fake company too so must be sure about it...
    One of my friend had joined in such a company and earning money too....

    All the best..

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    Re: Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    Hello Friend,

    Mostly All Of Website Which Offer The Online Job Though The Money Subscription Than That Website Mostly Scam,,,
    For More Info About The Website Than Enter The Website URL In This Website Than You Got The Result About The Website......
    For Online Job Aware Always.....

    All The Best

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    Re: Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    Most of the data entry job either off line or online i have the experience just you will buy one c.d named as job kit,they will offer 600/- to 2000/- to buy which will be needed to do online data entry job.new comers' buy it and for various reason they are not successful at all.ultimately bound to divert toward other job.

    But there is sufficient advt.about the merit of data entry job last of all it is proved fake.what is the gain is nothing a 10 rupee c.d sold to you rs.600/- to 2000/-this amount is purchaser's loss and sellers' gain.so be careful before engage yourself for such works.

    My question as per adv.if the profession is solid then onliner must not take any adv. Amount instead they can deduct from your earnings amount.ok

    thank you,

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    Re: Online Data entry jobs is trustable or not?

    hello friend,
    online jobs are better trusted only if you have a certain agent running as you need to talk about the payment in weekly wise regardless of what he gets make this type of deals would be prove safe and best. unnecessarily trust g every other would be a waste of time and also tensions arises.make sure you choose the right one before doing.


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