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    One of the teachers in my college is very good at her work but very dishonest

    I am the Principal of a private college. One of the teachers in our college is a hard worker and very good at her work. But she has a very bad quality that she is very dishonest. Now this is a matter of great concern for me. What should be done to make her realise her mistake?

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    Re: One of the teachers in my college is very good at her work but very dishonest

    Hello Friend,

    A dishonest people should never be trusted at all. Teaching is a very noble profession and in our society people pay high respect to teachers. So, it is very unfortunate that a teacher does not know her faults. If a teacher is dishonest then you should not expect that she will teach her students gospel of honesty all the time. You have to talk to her and tell her that her approach is not right. She has to change her character. I know it very difficult for someone to change suddenly. So you should give her time so that so can realize her fault and rectify it accordingly. If nothing happens and she continues to follow her path then you have to take disciplinary action against her.


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