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    One of the teachers in my college has no emotional connect with her students

    I am the Principal of a private college. It has come to my notice that one of the teachers in my college does not care about the students at all and has no emotional connect with them. She is just interested in finishing her work and going back home. How to make her realise her mistake?

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    Re: One of the teachers in my college has no emotional connect with her students

    Hello Friend,

    Teaching is considered a very noble profession in India. There is a great place for teachers in our society. But these days teaching has become a commercial activity. Very few teachers have emotionalconnect and feelings for their students. But you can't taught these things to a teacher. As a responsible person a teacher should know her duties and responsibilities at school. She should take care of her students so that they don't feel ignored or neglected.

    You have to talk to her and tell her to change her approach in a polite manner. Teaching is not about earning money and going back home. It's a about giving knowledge and sharing responsibity.


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