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    Which one should be chosen Private Nursing Home or a Government Hospital?

    I am about to start my career as a doctor. I have received job offer from a nursing home. I also got a job in government hospital. The salary offered to me in the concerned nursing home is much higher than what government will pay me.Which offer should I accept for my better future and better exposure?

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    Re: Which one should be chosen Private Nursing Home or a Government Hospital?

    This is a common problem in modern world as there is a huge demand of efficient doctors and nurses.You should revise the details and norms of both the job offers and then decide.However,it is better to go for a Government Hospital because:-
    -You are starting your career.So for good exposure you should join government hospital.
    -Work pressure will be less compared to that of private hospital.
    -Job will be secure as you will not be chucked out in case of wrong treatment accidentally.
    -You can also work in outdoors in clinics and nursing homes for better earning.
    -You will enjoy the pension facilities in future.
    -You can enjoy other government facilities as well as holidays.
    However,if it is a nursing home of very good reputation and goodwill and is offering you a good sum of salary,then you can go for it in case you are having problem(like communication problem from family,etc.) in joining the government hospital.

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    Re: Which one should be chosen Private Nursing Home or a Government Hospital?

    Hi aspirant

    As you told that you are just starting your career and this is your first job, I think you should join the government hospital . Although your starting salary might be less there, but if their are high growth opportunities then you should go for it as eventually with your hard work, you will get a promotion and a salary hike , and thus your salary will go higher automatically.There are many other benefits which you enjoy in the government hospital as opposed to a private hospital. As it is , it is very difficult to find a government job these days thus you are fortunate to have found such a good job in the beginning itself.

    The other benefits that you will enjoy in the government hospital will be the pension which will help you a lot in your later life. Also your job security and job satisfaction will be certainly higher.But if you instantly want a higher salary and are ready to jump from one job to another then you should go for the private job. So friend think carefully before taking a decision as it is about your future. Also you should consult your family and relatives for the same.

    I hope you have a bright future friend. All the best and Thanks

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