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    One of the nurses has a bad habit of not helping the interns whenever they want her help

    I am working as an intern in a government hospital. One of the nurses in our hospital is very rude and never helps then interns whenever they canít understand anything and want her help. I donít think this is the right attitude and that she should help everyone. How to make her realise her mistake?

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    Re: One of the nurses has a bad habit of not helping the interns whenever they want her help

    If the nurse is not helping the interns then she must be punished fr the same because it comes in their duties and responsibility to train the new staff members whenever they want that so none of the nurse can refuse to help the other according to the guidelines of the company because if they are refusing the staff member for help then the strict action can be taken against them.
    So that they should not do it again.
    You need to make a seperate classes of the nurse for training them how the teamwork improves the effectiveness of the company in terms of working environment.
    Nurses should be aware that they have also been trained from the staff members when they were in the internship program, if they were not helped by the nurses then they cannot become the nurse nowadays, so they should have to be trained for the same because its not good at all to ignore the interns fo not helping them .
    You should put the notice in a noticeboard that every nurse should have to help the interns whenever they need it if not helped and any compain will come then they will be fined for the same , then they will never refuse to help the members.

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