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    One of my employees has got involved in some kind of a criminal case which is not good for the companyís reputation

    I am the manager of a MNC. One of our employees has got involved in some kind of criminal case recently and this is certainly not good for the company. He is a very hard working employee and has made the company proud many times. What should be done in such a situation?

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    Re: One of my employees has got involved in some kind of a criminal case which is not good for the companyís reputation

    Hello Friend,

    We all have our dark past and yet we tend to pretend as if nothing is going on. If the person is hardworking and an assest to the company then you should not take any action against him. These days a man is not guilty by the court of law unless there is sufficient evidence agaisnt him. You don't know what has happend to him so it would be much wiser for you to know the facts of the criminal case agaisnt thet person and only then you can tell either the man is innocent or not. A efficient employees is very rare and hard to find so you should take every step carefully. Talk to your seniors in this issue if needed.


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    Re: One of my employees has got involved in some kind of a criminal case which is not good for the companyís reputation

    If any employee or member of the company and organization is getting involved in any crime or any other illegal cases then this is the direct loss for the company because the news will be published in paper and everyone will know about that and remember that for so long that is why the better way to get rid of this situation is that company terminate all the services of that person and stop appointing him again for work but this can not be the solution of the problem because no company or industry is there which fires employees who are involved in criminal case without knowing the proper reason so you should do that

    First of all you should call that employee and meet him personally in your cabin and say that you have been the best performer and so many times the company got reputation in the market and you are the big part of the profit of the company but I didn't like one thing that you have been involved in criminal case which is not good for your career and reputation of the company and if others will know about it then what would happen in future you can not expect so tell me everything accurately that what is the matter behind that case and take me personal and you can share everything and I will not leak any information from your speech

    He will start giving you details about that case and then you should analyze the part of your employee and try to find it personally and legally that either that is involved in any case that can punish him by the court or fair from his section and not being involved in this case and if you see that he is involved and did something that can not be expected and legally punishable then you should suggest him to accept his mistake and not take it long in the court and just hire any lawyer and remove this issue before being it too large in the society and also offer him for help in this situation because may be that he did something due to compulsion or he did that by mistake

    If you see that he is fair and did not do which he is being accused for this support him that you are with him and we would fight this case together and win and you should help him at this part and do not share any information to the society and other employees because you have to save your employee at any cost because he is the big part and contributed so much for the company so save him

    All the best

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