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    One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion

    I am working in a government organisation. One of my colleagues, who is also my friend, recently got a promotion. But inspite of being ecstatic, he seems to be depressed these days. I have asked him the reason many times but he never replies. I am really worried about him. How to help him in such a situation?

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    Re: One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion

    Hello Friend,

    Well, there are many people in our society who don't know what they want in their life. They are confused in their approach to life. After receiving promotion he should be happy and energetic to his work. But he is not at all happy and this is strange. Until and unless he opens up his mind it would be almost impossible for you to know the exact reason. You should give him sometime as time is the best healer. May be he is not happy with his new work or he is too busy with his personal affair. Whatever may you have to know it either from himself or from somebody. You have to help him in a situation like this. After all we need to help our friend in their time of need.


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    Smile Re: One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion

    Your colleague may have personal problems,most of the colleagues don't tell about there personal problems.It is not only money that creates problems to us,there are lot of human relations which generate problems.If you don't get money today you can earn money tomorrow.But,human relations are spoiled once then you cannot get them back.so,don't ask him more and more times about his problem.It creates even more pain to him.Talk to him happy try to make him happy always.so,that he can recover from his unhappy.
    all the best
    thank you

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    Re: One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion

    If a colleague is not getting happy even after getting the promotion then he might be expecting something else from the company because it may also happen that a employee get the promotion and not getting the much increment in the salary and he also might not getting the money that he was expecting from the company do for that you need to go to the branch of the problem because its not good that if any of the employee is getting the beleif that he will get higher salary after promotion then he is only getting the increment of a small amount then anybody will not become happy by the same.
    But after this if he is still quiet and not happy then he needs to clear al the matters with the boss and the HR because they are responsible for the all things related to the promotion and the salary .
    As by that if anyone is getting hurt then he or she can directly speak to the boss in this regard.

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    Re: One of my colleagues does not seem to be happy even after getting a promotion

    If he is not able to tell you anything about it then you should take a right day when you gets holiday from the company and call your friend that you want to hangout somewhere and take him to any very good and beautiful place in that area and if comes out of that local area then it will be very good for him and you because he will be able to express everything that he had in mind and reach at any good place

    You should start talking about personal things and start from your side and share some personal experiences and hurdles of your life that you are facing right now at this time because you consider him your friend then there should be no problem in that and surely you will share and when you will share then you should see his expression and thinking that what he think about your problems and make him feel that you are the only friend who is sharing personal things to another one and he will trust in you right there

    You should wait for his reply and demand for his opinion on your matters then he will suggest you something then you should accept and probably he will tell you his actual problem at that moment because he will see that you are the only there who will get this news and if he does not tell you anything about his personal problem then you should start talking to him about his personal things and mainly focus and say that - You did not tell me about your worry that why are you in problem now a days despite getting a promotion by the company and if I were at your place then I would have definitely enjoyed this moment and gave a party to you so he will say that no happiness etc. then you should ask for the reason and surely he will tell you there because he will not see anybody getting this news except you

    After getting his problem you should understand properly and take a right solution of that because finally he is your friend and this is your duty that you be with him always in each condition so you should part in his problem and if possible then do your best for your friend and prove that you are the real friend for him

    All the best

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