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    One of the employees in my office takes a lot of leaves stating that his father is suffering from cancer and regular check ups are required

    I am working with a private organization which has limited employees. One of the employees takes a lot of leaves stating that his father is suffering from cancer and regular check ups are required. I know that he is honest but work suffers a lot because of this. He needs his job very badly so I cannot ask him to go on a leave also.Please suggest what can be done in this delicate situation.

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    Re: One of the employees in my office takes a lot of leaves stating that his father is suffering from cancer and regular check ups are required


    Yes, this is a very vulnerable situation. Cancer patients need regular check ups for chemo therapy. So he has to take his father for regular check ups. But office work never stops. It has to go on. Now the situation is such that he cannot be asked to go on leave. At the same time office work is been hampered. In order to combat the situation, the concept of " flexi- time" can be put to use. For this, company has to provide him with a laptop or desktop using which he can handle the office paper work from home only. When he is away from office, he can utilise the time operating through the laptop when ever he gets time- that can be in the morning or at night. Company should be concerned regarding the deadline and work output. If these things are ok, then it hardly matters whether the employee is working at night or in the morning, of office or from home. European countries have already adopted this system of work, and I believe, this system can help you to get a good solution to the persistent problem.

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    Re: One of the employees in my office takes a lot of leaves stating that his father is suffering from cancer and regular check ups are required

    Sir if you think about the delicate situation to handle this matter easily then you can do nothing in this case because if you will take decision what is best for the business then you will find out that your personal dignity is going to be lost and if you take decision in the favor of that employee and allow him to go on leaves every time when he require then this is something that you are not careful about the business and wants to loose a big profit from the market that is why this is really critical to decide what to do in this situation

    If his father is suffering from cancer then obviously he needs to get proper and consistent check ups all the time when doctor has been instructed and they should go and may be that your employee is the only son of his father that is why he is more responsible towards his family and if he will not care then who will come to take care of his family that is why we can not avoid the current situation at this time so understand it personally because he is the only person to look after his family so he has to manage everything in the family and profession too

    You give him leaves always and I am sure that you deduct the salary of that day when he leaves office because private companies are very strict about this so there should be no problem in the part of salary and money but if we think about the work and responsibilities provided to him then who will full fill the place of that person when he go to leave so this is the big loss for the company and here we have to think about business because you are there to earn more then whatever happen you have to be professional at the time of being in business and if you will keep 3-4 employees who will take leaves just like the same then no one can save your company to be insolvent that is why think about the business first

    You should call him personally to your cabin and have a discussion in that ask about the health of his father and also ask that is there anyone who could care for your father while going to have a check up because when you go then I allow you because may be that you are the only so care them but when you go then your work is left and you are too behind than other employees in the performance so this takes you so far from the promotion and other hikes in your job and company may face big loss at a day because if you will take extra 5 leaves in a month then we would be unable to complete a particular project so this is the direct loss to the company so please just try to understand the situation that you have to think about your and future of the company and keep continue in the work and if there are certain check ups of your father then I will allow you not more than 2 days in a month and you will have to submit a copy of the receipt of doctor with all bills that you went there for particular purpose because we have to submit documents to higher authorities and give answer that is why give proof and take leave of only two days in a month

    If you will say to him strictly then he will surely accept because you gave him two days that is enough and after that he will get leaves on the weekend as other employees gets so that will be for 7 days in a month which is more than enough for him and you will get the solution of this problem

    All the best

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