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    One of the employees asking for 1 month extra duration of maternity leave

    I am the manager of a private company. Recently one of the female employees of our company asked me to extend her duration of maternity leave by 1 month as she was having twins and will take more time to recover. Now I am really in a dilemma whether to accept her request or not. Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: One of the employees asking for 1 month extra duration of maternity leave

    Respected sir you are a manager of a company and you should have enough skills to decide right thing in the business because these things shows the ability and efficiency of the manager that is why you should try to solve this problem by yourself and the quality of good manager says that he should not be always in the mood of earning more and more and take the company to the top because if you will do so then you will repress or mash the dreams and authorities of so many employees which is not enough and the manger should have enough humanity and feelings but only in the positive situation and only for right thing and the situation is saying that your one employee needs extra duration in her maternity leave and you should show your managing skills in this situation because you also have a great family and sometimes you also may face this type of problem that is why in such type of cases you should not think about this and provide the extra duration of leave to that employee and you should congratulate her for twins and give her extra leave and if you will do so then only one but entire family of that employee will be happy and will pray to GOD for your good

    All the best

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    Re: One of the employees asking for 1 month extra duration of maternity leave

    i dont understand what dilemma you are having. you should consider that she is having a baby and she needs time to recover. so you should give her the leaves she want. for you her health must be the priority for you, as she is the employee of your company.
    even think of the problem she is going to face if she will be forced to come and join the job when she is not well.
    you should grant the leaves

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