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    Office politics during notice period in the company

    I am serving notice period in the company and all sorts of controversies are hounding now. Even my boss has alleged that I am irresponsible about projects. I feel everyone does the same to channelize work. What should I do as it is turning out to be a big controversy which can damage my image before the final exit?

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    Re: Office politics during notice period in the company

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should not let such controversies affect your work. You keep on working and serving your company with full dedication till you leave this company and the rest will happen on its own. You should not worry abouit anything else and concentrate only on your work. If your boss has alleged that you are irresponsible in your projects, then I am sure with your hard work and dedication you can certainly win over him and then he will be all praises for you. You should just be confident of your abilities and don't let anything shatter your confidence otherwise you will be in big trouble.

    I am no harm will come to your image if you show your boss what you are capable of through your efforts and hard work, and also this will silence all your detractors. You can even go and talk to your boss personally and ask him what exactly he wants from you. Then in order to please him, you can do your work according to his guidance and then I am sure all controversies surrounding you will disappear on their own.

    So friend , don't be dejected and make sure that you come out as a winner in this situation. good luck

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