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    Office computer accessories stolen for personal usage

    Some colleagues of my team in the office take out accessories from computers for personal usage. Off recent, I have received complaints from the maintenance department over the computer history. How to put a stop on this without creating a furore?

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    Re: Office computer accessories stolen for personal usage

    Hello ,
    this is something very strange to be doing in an office envirionment as it is assumed that you have matured till
    this age
    Not considering how wrong your colleges are doing by taking office property from the computer for
    their personal use , it is so unprofessional .

    I think firstly , you should clearly stay out of this as you dont want to land in any amount of trouble and nothing good
    comes out of it by taking such accessories along with you .
    , you should definitly try to tell them that this is something which is not appected from you people as
    all of them must from decent backgrounds .
    Highlight them with the compaints that you have recently received because of them and warn them that this might
    be cause a lot of problem for them . It may result in :: penalty / demotion and in worst case if the managemnet wants to
    set an example -- in sacking the employees .

    If there is enquiry which sit to find out , it wont be difficult to get them . There are security cameras mostly in many
    parts of such buildings .
    however , you should not take this nonsense from them and tell them to stop doing this childish acts as they may impose
    penatly on everyone which is unfair .

    Oviously , you would like to go up to the authorities to reveal the people who are behind this , so try to make it
    stop from your part . DONT allow them to repeat it .

    However , it your continiuous advise wasnt helpful , you are left with only one option . Clearly you should mention to the
    authorities it as it is morally in correct and this small acts may lead to bigger things in the future . Someone else might get held
    responsible for things he has not done .
    This act needs to be stopped and you should do whatever is necessary to do so .

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