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    Offered promotion over my husband

    My husband and me work in the same office as HR managers. We have been working together for last 7 years. Recently I was offered a promotion over my husband which will make me the boss. I donít know how to discuss the topic with my husband.

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    mutual understanding is very important between a wife and husband for a healthy relations... don't hesitate to discuss your promotion of your with your husband tell every thing make him to understand what your going through in office.. you should be normal in behavior after your promotion and praise your husband tell him that promotion you got is because of you.. dedicate your success to your husband.. understand each others feeling respect each other...

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    Hi..I think that your Husband loves you and really cares for you, so you just break the news to him like in a normal conversation and i am sure that he will be more than glad to hear about your achievements ..He will surely be proud of you and will not at all feel small that he didnt get promotion and you got it instead..I am sure he will he loves you selflessly and he will not let his own feelings for himself come in between ..Your achievement will certainly be as good to him as his own ..Thus you should not be afraid to break this news to him as he will surely be supportive and happy for you..

    So you dont take any tension regarding this matter and when you go to your home after your work break this news to him at dinner or some other appropriate time..So you should not at all be nervous or think that your husband will be sad that he didnt get the promotion or will inferior to you..I am sure this isnt going to affect your relationship in any way and you dont need to worry about that..

    Every husband wife relation is based on selfless love and trust as you know and thus if you believe in the strength of your relation you should not worry about such things..

    Congrats from my side also for your promotion and Good luck for your future

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband


    Congratulations for your promotion.

    You should not hesitate to talk about such matters to your husband.
    You should give him this good news that you are receiving promotion.
    But be polite and calm and do not over react or show over confidence about it.
    This may cause false impact on your husband.

    Your husband will surely understand you if he loves you.
    In every relation the two person are equal and the job is just the way to earn money.
    It will not bring any difference in your husbands reaction.

    He will surely understand that this promotion is important for you.
    After promotion you may be boss to him but you will always remain a wife for him.
    Since , you will become boss, you will also be able to offer its advantages to him.
    So, grab the opportunity and tell it to your husband.

    All is well

    All the best

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    If you have got offer to be promoted for higher post than present one then you should accept this offer first at all and when you both come at home then see right time when your husband is in good mood then you should show your promotion letter and I am sure that your husband will definitely be happy after seeing and reading that letter because there is a in depth love in the relation of Husband and Wife and as for as my views are concerned that there is no husband in the world who will not be happy to see his wife being promoted or getting profit in job and in life because they loves each other more than anyone and this thing create positive thinking in their personal life that is why you should not worry about this issue and just share with your husband and also say that you are expecting for the promotion of your husband soon and if your husband will be happy then they will definitely congratulate you at that time and will give you greetings for better life

    All the best

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    Hi friend,

    I think your husband care for you
    You can discuss about your promotion
    You can take easily don't thinking
    I think you are a lucky person because your husband take your care and life

    all the best.............

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    Re: Offered promotion over my husband

    Most probability you work would have been better than your husband and therefore you have been asked for the promotion instead your husband but yes although claiming the equality of gender but this very thing badly hurts the male ego and will create and unwanted chaos in your life!
    discuss it with your husband any time when you feel he is in mood or else reject the offer as it may ruin your personal life.
    Take wise decision !

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