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    Offer Letter not given, Salary blocked after showing interest to quit

    my husband got a job recently. And as a confirmation a letter was given to him but on close look it was titled as LETTER OF INDENT and not LETTER OF INTENT.I bought this to my husBands notice who promptly informed this to the Manager of the company. Who in return asked him to give back the letter promising to rectify the error.. Its now 1 month 10 days n no offer letter given. Moreover they make him work 10-11 hrs a day(night shift.no OT paid) with only 1 day a week off. When my husband informed them that he wants to quit they have blocked his salary n cancelled His check. The totAl amount due is almost 23K. What is to be done. Can anyone guide me?

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    Barnali Array
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    Re: Offer Letter not given, Salary blocked after showing interest to quit


    First of all you have to understand first that you don't have any papers with you for proving that what is the agreement/contract with the employer...hence you have to handle the issue very softly...
    Fix a meeting with the employer for discussion the issue...ask them their intention and request them to release the amount...

    Hope they will release your salary...

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    Re: Offer Letter not given, Salary blocked after showing interest to quit

    Dear this is not being good with your husband but you should not stay without any action, you should make to understand your husband that they do not tell anyone about the quitting from the company otherwise this may really create problem for you and if the manager of the company have got this information then your husband should try to make a good atmosphere as he is not quitting from the company and make them feel that you will work in the company and still no plan to leave this company because of some internal problems and when manager will understand then he will provide you the entire salary of the month but keep working continue in the company otherwise you may loose your salary because there are so many companies in private sector that do the same with so many innocent people and take advantage of their innocence but do not ask directly for the salary otherwise this will not be good for you

    All the best

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