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    Notice period terms and conditions during internship tenure

    I am an intern but has received a good offer from another MNC bank. I am keen to grab the job but two months of intern period is still left. What should I do as I do not wish to let go the offer. The human resource department refuses to share any advice. Do interns fall under notice period terms? If so, please guide me with the procedure.

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    Re: Notice period terms and conditions during internship tenure

    Dear friend it is true your present company will not give you release order easily because if they release you then they are to employ another one like it is of course a time taking procedure.And on your part it is also true only for few months you are going to lose a big opportunity.Under this situation you should remain close contact with the company H/R section and convince them you are not you are friend you will help them regarding new employment and you assist the company at your best level till you can.so maintain formality first as you have two months at your hand to serve notice then do not delay to serve the notice and if you think it is possible then without chaos from your part you try at your best level to grab the new opportunity.

    Thank You,

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    Re: Notice period terms and conditions during internship tenure

    Dear friend....

    Information you want to know is as follow...

    For further information I attached two pdf files...
    please find attachment and see...

    Hope this will help you
    thank you
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