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    Not satisfied with my own resume

    I have just completed my graduation in B.Tech ECE and now am preparing myself for various job interviews. One of the important steps in getting a good job is to make a good resume. Although I have made my resume but I am not satisfied with the same. Even my friends are telling me its good but I still am not satisfied. What should I do in such a situation?

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    varshu Array
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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    hello friends..

    @ do not be worry about that problem

    @ download many sample resumes in internet

    @ in the internet professional resume writer are available

    @ so write resume with those people


    watch the following video instructions for good resume preparing tips

    all the best

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    john215 Array
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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    I think Resume most important for job.
    I am given below the good Resume Format and you can develop your resume.


    Resume Tips:

    1. Choose a basic font.
    2. Include all your contact information.
    3. Include resume keywords.
    4. Choose the right resume format.
    5. Prioritize your resume content.
    6. Write a custom resume.
    7. Tailor your resume objective.
    8. Tweak for technology.
    9. Use a resume template.
    10. Email your resume.

    ...............BEST OF LUCK..................

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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    its very good attitude that your improving your resume your doing a very good task.. usually companies prefer to recruit people who improve and update very month regarding skill set your achievements.. i would also tell something important prepare visual resume which is very popular now a days.. because it may grab your attention towards recruiters as well.. you can also highlight your skill set and various talents.. all the best hope you do your interviews well

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    abhivandy Array
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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should follow all the proper steps for making your resume an ideal one and make sure that you missed none of the steps. If you follow all the below steps then I am sure you will be satisfied with your resume.
    1. Make your resume as short as possible, preferably 2-3 pages long.
    2. Try to take the help of some expert who will definitely guide you regarding your shortcomings.
    3. Mention all the extra courses you did during your college years and also any extra activities you were involved in during that period.
    4. Also make sure that you use good english and the correct grammar and also not make any mistakes.

    Then friend I am sure you will be satisfied with your resume and also will certainly impress your interviewers with it. Good luck and Thanks

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume


    Don't loose hope. there are plenty of websites where you can get sample resume.
    Download some of them and study them carefully. Then it's your time to prepare
    your own resume. Your resume should not be too large, it sould be brief and emphasis
    given to various projects you undertook during your B.Tech course. You should also add
    extra-curricular activities. If you are not at all satisfied then you can take the help of

    1. Monster.
    2. Naukri.
    3. Indiatimes.

    The above mentioned companies all provide professional assistance to resume building.


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    saurav bharti Array
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    Re: Not satisfied with my own resume

    hello friend,
    your resume needs to be good . good in that sense like it should explain best things in you. if you prepare an outstanding resume and try to include things that are not incorporated in your behavior then it would lead negative impact. interviewer will over estimate you and it could be against you. just have confidence in yourself and try to include those things which are in you your self.

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