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    Not recieving salary and experience certificate and relieving letter


    I had worked with a company for 9 months.

    I had resigned on 12th October 2012 and as per the contract the notice period was for 1 month (30 days) but they made me serve the notice period of total 48 days i.e. up to 30 November 2012.

    I would like to bring to notice that the company doesn't provide any Appointment letter/ joining letter at the time of joining.

    It has been almost 4 months but still I have not received my Salary for the month of November 2012 and Experience and relieving certificate after requesting for multiple number of times. I have mailed them a lot number of times requesting salary and documents but have not received any acknowledgement to my email.
    On giving a call they informed me that they will process it in the month of February but the needful was not done, on reminding again in march they are giving a different response stating that they don't give pay to employee leaving before one year nor experience letter (I have not signed any such bond).

    I had got response from ex-employee of company has such record of not giving experience letter to employee and unnecessary harassing them.

    Also I did applied for closing my EPF account in November last week, but on recent inquiry they informed me that they have still not sent my documents to EPF office.

    Please guide me what to do for retrieving my salary, relieving letter and experience letter also help me with how to retrieve my EPF money.

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    Re: Not recieving salary and experience certificate and relieving letter

    Hi aspirant

    This is certainly a major exploitation of the employees by your company and is very depressing to hear. You have been deprived of so many things and you should definitely try to raise your voice against this. I know you have tried by e-mailing them and even talking to them personally but still haven't got any satisfactory reply. So now its better that you go and speak to them the last time and then take some severe action against them if they are still adamant in having their own way.

    Go and speak to your higher authorities now. Tell them that you have resigned in the month of October. Firstly the company made you to serve a longer notice period than that mentioned in the rules. And on top of that you haven't received your salary for the month of November, your experience letter, your relieving letter till now. And also they haven't closed your EPF till now even after so many reminders from your side. Now if they don't do anything soon you will be forced to complaint against them in the police or even drag them to court. That will not be good for their reputation and so its better that they solve your problem soon.

    I hope your previous company's higher authorities do something to help you otherwsie you should definitely file a FIR against them and even drag them to court. Good luck

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