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    Not happy with my joining date

    I recently got a good job in a reputed company. Just yesterday I got my joining letter but when I saw my joining date I was really not happy and comfortable with it. My brotherís marriage is falling on the same date and thus I am afraid that I might lose my job. How should I get out of this situation?

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    Re: Not happy with my joining date

    Hi friend

    You should certainly not get so worked up all of a sudden and thus take so much tension as there is a solution for everything in life and I am sure your problem also has a solution.So you should rather spend your energy on finding taht solution rather than taking unnecessary stress. Now you certainly can't miss your brother's marriage as you know. That is a very important event in his life and you surely have to be a part of that. Also you would not like to miss this opprtunity of your job as it maybe very beneficial for your future.

    So I think the best option for you would be to go and speak to your new company's HR regarding this matter and thus make your position clear. Go and speak to him personally in his office and dont try to converse on the phone as that wont be that much effective. Tell him that you are due to join your job in their company on so and so date. Your joining letter just arrived yesterday and you are really very sorry to say this but you have some genuine problem regarding your joining date. Actually your brother's wedding is falling on the same day and as they can understand, you surely cannot miss that.
    So you request then to please consider your reason and thus postpone your joining date to whenever they think it would suffice. You really hope that they will consider your request and thus give you a new joining date as soon as possible . You really want to be a part of their company and would like to dedicate yoursselves completely to your job. You will be really very grateful to them.

    I am sure your HR will understand the gravity of your problem and will surely help you out in this matter. He will discuss the matter with the management and I am sure they will give the decision in your favour. Then your problem will be solved and thus you will be able to concentrate fully on your brother's wedding celebrations as your mind will be relieved of such tension.

    So friend try to deal with every situation in a courageous way and never get discouraged by anything. Always remeber that nothing is impossible in life if you have the will to find a solution to it. Good luck and Congratulations for your bro's wedding. Thanks

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