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    Not getting recognition for work as I am unable to project my work to seniors

    I love my work and I am often appreciated by my co workers for my hardwork. But my problem is that I am not able to project my work to seniors and as a result I don’t get the recognition that I deserve. I was recently passed up for a promotion because of this problem. I don’t want to be rude to people.

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    Re: Not getting recognition for work as I am unable to project my work to seniors

    Hi buddy

    The problem you are facing is very common among many employees and people of the same age group and thus I dont think you should get dejected or disheartened by the same. You should rather try to overcome this deficiency of yours and thus you will certainly be able to get the recognition you deserve. You should not be afraid of your seniors and dont hesitate to project your ideas in front of them if you have worked so hard in the first place.

    What you lack is confidence and that is the biggest reason you are not being able to get the appreciation you deserve.So you should think of that and not be nervous or underconfident when you are in front of your seniors. I am sure you have the conviction but what you are lacking is the self belief and confidence. Try to bring that confidence in you when you want to give your ideas to your seniors and I am sure you will see a marked difference in the above situation yopu have mentioned.

    Have self confidence. Good luck

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