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    Not getting the increment amount as promised

    I am working in a software company. When I joined this job, my company promised that it would be giving me yearly increments of a certain amount. But now after a year they are not keeping their promise and have given me an increment of only half the amount as promised. Now this is simply not fair on their part because I only joined this job due to the adequate increments being given. I am really disappointed now. What to do in this state?

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    Re: Not getting the increment amount as promised


    If you think that you are not given the amount of increament you were promised then you should ask them about this.

    Discuss this matter with your lead and your seniors.

    If still your problem is not solved then you must take this matter to your higher authorities or management.

    Thank you

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    Re: Not getting the increment amount as promised

    This is a common scenario in the market of recession.Various companies have to change their various policies and rules inorder to combat the losses due to recession.Similar thing has happened in your case.Many employees are being sacked and any are facing reduction in their salaries due to recession.So the company expects you to bear with them and cooperate in these tough situations.
    However,since your promised job offer is not maintained by the company,you can definitely catch the eye of the higher authority regarding this issue and get proper justifications for the injustice.You should take this matter to the higher authority and get to know why the promised increment is not given.

    You can sit for a discussion with the higher authority.Enquire why your promised increment terms are not fulfilled.Enquire about the present condition of the company and what the company expects from you.Get to know what should be done to get the desired increment and act accordingly.

    You can also switch to some other company for better prospects especially increment in salary if the present company is not fulfilling your demands or giving you increments.

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