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    Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully

    I am handling a MNC project successfully from past 2.5 years and I am not appraised for that, since the Project lead is always finding faults in my work. What should I do in this case? Can I speak to my higher ups about this?

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    Madhu M Array
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    Re: Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully

    Hi..I think if you certainly desrve the appraisal and salary hike then you should certainly take some step in this direction..First of all you try to find the genuine reason why your company is not giving you appraisal even after your successful efforts to handle your project..

    Then if what they are saying is right then you should try to overcome your your shortcomings and put in your 100% so that you will certainly get what you want..

    But if you think that the reason that they are giving is baseless and false then you must certainly go and talk directly to your manager regarding this..It will be better if you first write a letter to your manager asking for appraisal or salary hike as you have been handling your project successfully..Tell him politely..

    THen if he replies to your letter in your favour then you should celebrate but if not you should certainly go and talk to him directly in this regard ..

    I am sure your hard work and effort will be rewarded.. Good luck.. Thanks

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    mainhundon Array
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    Re: Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully

    Hi aspirant

    Getting appraisals is not such an easy task and other than completing your task there are many other things which are taken into account for giving an appraisal to some employeee..Your efficiency, relations with your head and other employees, your dedication, hard work and how correctly you have done your work are also taken into account..

    If the Project lead is finding faults in your work then there must be some genuine reason about it and you must consult him for the same..Ask him about your faults and what you should do to overcome them..Then try to put your best efforts and overcome your faults and then you will surely get your appraisal..

    If then also you dont get it, then you should certainly speak to your manager regarding the same and i am sure they will help you out..

    Good luck friend Give your best and you certainly have a bright future

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    Re: Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully

    when you have completely project successfully then you should get all credits to you by the management.. Performance appraisal is compulsory for employees and your performance also should be also performed... After successfully completely project your liable for salary hike and you definitely deserve it.. If your denied salary hike ,report this to management,explain the problem and raise your right for salary hike as per rules and regulations.... It is the matter of your self respect don't be silent if your not appreciated for your work is not fine for the company...

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    Red face Re: Not getting appraisals even though I have completed the project successfully

    dear friend you are thinking i have submitted my project nicely but till today you did not receive appraisal from the company.it is very important for your futuwhere re service life where company depict's employees performance as well as everything to enhance his/her images in the job sites.
    Surely you will get your appraisal very soon .company may verify your project with good performer to identify if any fault is there.after getting satisfactory report about your submitted project authority must send your appraisal.

    Thank you,

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