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    Not as confident as my friends about the group discussion stage

    I am having my campus placements lined up for the next few weeks. All my friends are very confident about getting a good job as they are sure to pass all the three stages. But I am really very nervous about the group discussion stage and not at all as confident about it as my friends are. What to do as I really want to get a good job?

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    Re: Not as confident as my friends about the group discussion stage

    Dear guest,

    Group Discussion or GD is used in most of the interviews to select a creamy layer among the so many candidates. It generally consists of many candidates sitting together in a group. A topic will be put up let to discuss in the group. People begin speaking and a evaluer will be located to give points to the candidates on many points. The basic points always consist of being confident, good speaking skills, making good points,key identification of points, firmness and so on.

    1. Points will be awarded to the person who will actually start to speak on the topics first. So try to be that person.
    2. Keep in mind to congratulate every person as he makes a point and then put forward your point.
    3. Be a keen listener and always give opportunity for others to speak.
    4. Once you believe in something don't worry and don't change your thinking. Never think that you are wrong.
    5. You just have to make a point and say that you are the person with the better idea.
    6. Study some quotes and use them as appropriate.

    Following these points will make you a winner

    Thank you...

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