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    Not confident about working on a particular project

    I am working in a MNC. Recently I was allotted a project along with other members. But I am not confident about working on this particular project. There is one other project which I think I will be comfortable working on. But I am very hesitant in talking about this with my manager. How to get out of this situation as I donít want to leave a bad impression on my boss?

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    Re: Not confident about working on a particular project

    Dear aspirant,
    Don't be hesitate just go and tell to your boss that you will feel more comfort and satisfaction with other project.try to explain all the reasons why you want to take other project and how efficiently you will done it with good out put .i hope your boss will allotted other project.

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    Re: Not confident about working on a particular project

    Re: Not confident about working on a particular project

    Hi friends,

    I think my suggestion:

    You can discuss the your team members in a particular project.
    You can develop to the confident in your project.
    You can tell your problem in your team members also.
    I think you can report to the your manager also.
    I think this situation you can compromise your project because you can job do it.

    So this problems face to the many employees.
    But your job doing the purpose of project is important.

    So don't worry you can do it.


    ALL THE BEST............

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    Re: Not confident about working on a particular project

    Hi aspirant

    I think you should have confidence in yourself then you would certainly be able to work on this project as well. It is confidence which you are lacking and that's the reason you think that you will not be able to work on it. You should always remember that nothing is impossible and should try youjr abilities at this project also. Then I am sure, with all your hard work and dedication, you will definitely be able to come out as a winner in this project.

    Also take the help of your team leader and i am sure he will guide you in the right direction. But inspite of putting all your efforts , if you still think that you can't handle it then you should definitely request your manager to place you in some other project as you are sure you will able to do much better in that. Now it is upto your manager whether he will allow you or not to take up another project. You should respect his decision and thus try to adjust to the circumstances.

    Thus friend don't worry, I am sure you will definitely be able to please your boss with your efforts and dedication. Good luck for your new project. Thanks

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    Re: Not confident about working on a particular project

    Hello Friend,
    you should not feel uncomfortable when its situation which will set path for your future career.
    if you think this project is not comfortable enough for you and you can give your best in the other project then you should approach your manager to assign you that project.
    usually it happens in IT companies that once you are assigned to any project you cant change or get release from that project unless and until you complete the minimum period in that project set by the company.but if both the project comes under the same manager then you can work in that internally with out getting proper transfer.
    so remove your hesitancy approach your manger and tell him that you have expertise skills in the other project and contribute more in that project than the current one.he will definitely listen to you.
    Thank You.

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