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    Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    I am working in a government organisation. Actually there are some employees in our company who try to intrude into others personal space and thus I am not comfortable talking to them. But sometimes they force me to talk to them. How should I react in such a situation?

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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    Hi friend,
    Talk to them when they want to. At times, offering such support is of great help to the other person. But if they go overboard, you should make them realize through your body language that it can't happen every now and then. And getting into your personal space is not justified. There has to be a line drawn at some point. You being uncomfortable and irritated at this junction is natural. So, just show them if possible without saying much.
    But still if they don't take a step back, you will have to tell them on their face that it is crossing limits and not accepted by you. And that such an environment makes you uncomfortable with them and doesn't get you closer to them. So before it ends up restraining your relations with them, act wise and do as needed at that moment.

    Good luck

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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    Hello friend
    what you have to do is that from now if they are forced to you to sit with them and start the gossiped then you should clearly said to all of them that I can be sit here but only in one condition that you were not asking to me any personal question and to do try to convince to me for the personal question. If you are accept my choice then I will definitely sit with you otherwise I sorry friend I am not able to sit you..
    Thanking you

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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    since it is some ones habit to intrude in others affairs or something others.it is not good on their part and you may avoid them from doing it by saying that you are not interested in such type of things and be away from them.
    tell them that you came here for only work and ypu dont want to interfere in any such type of matters.
    and next thing is be away from them as much as possible so that they will not come on your way.
    if they again force you then give them a warning and say that you will give a complain to your higher officials in this regard.
    thank you..........

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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    Well you can not avoid them if they talk to you as this is against manners and friendly atmosphere of the office but obviously this kind of habit of talking about personal things and later making gossips and fun of it is really bad and out of manners.
    But if they approach you to have words with them then just dont ignore or insult them at all plz instead till the time they talk normal then you carry normal gossips with them and when they tune to something you dont like then just speak straight forward that you are not going to talk on this and and have work to do so have to leave right now..

    Repeat it a few numbers of times and the very thing would definitely get clear to them that this guy is not among them and better not to intrude into his personal life.

    Thank you

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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    Hi Dear,

    Never react or become aggressive at work place, rather handle every situation in a cool manner. If you do not like any of your colleagues' behaviour or attitude, remain cool and quiet and show through your actions and behaviour that you are not liking his/her presence. Just avoid them and maintain distance with them so that they could get your vibes of not being friendly with them. Gradually they themseves would undersatnd and leave your company and would never dare to intrude into your personal life.


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    Re: Not comfortable with talking to some of my colleagues

    Hello Friend....

    You should not completely stop talking because they are all your colleagues.Atlast,they will help you in any critical situation.

    When they are gossiping in a group and all are calling you,then say sorry to them in a polite manner and excuse from it.

    But never stop talking completely.

    Thank you....

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