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    Not being successful in my career as a lawyer

    I have been working as a lawyer for the past 5 years . I haven’t been much successful in my practice and have lost most of my cases. Now nobody is interested in giving me their case. I really want to rejuvenate my career or start something else. What all options do I have? Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Not being successful in my career as a lawyer

    It is quite sad to know that you did not receive any success in your career till now even after five years from the start of your professional career as a lawyer.However,there is no point in getting depressed due to this,rather you have to motivate yourself at this point of time to fight back with a better spirit and greater determination.This is because if you surrender at this point of time you will never get the opportunity to stand up again in your life and achieve success in this path.

    First of all,be calm and try to relax.Try to think that everything has not ended till now and still there is time to set up a good career and live a good life by achieving great success.Have a look to your past work once again.This is because the deeds of past are excellent teachings and lessons to move forward in life.Try to analyze your work in the past five years.Chalk out what were your weak points and what were you strong points.Try to find out what were your mistakes and in which areas you need to improve to avoid failure due to it.

    After doing the analysis,get determined to improve yourself and change your attitude.Work upon your weak points to strengthen them and work upon your strong points to make them stronger.This will instill a sense of confidence in you.Build an attitude of not giving up at any cost.It will be the best option to start your career under some senior lawyer.This will help you a lot in your career since he can not only help you in your cases but will also act as a guide leading you to the right path.Try to handle whatever cases are allotted to you and give your best to win it.Slowly you will sharpen your skills and then can become a good and independent lawyer.

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