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    Not being able to concentrate on my work

    I am working in a software company in Delhi. At present I am going through a bad phase in my personal life. I am facing many problems and not knowing what to do. As a result I am not able to concentrate on my work . My manager has also told me that my performance is going down. How should I handle this situation?

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    Smile Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work

    Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work

    Hi friend,
    Hope you are in good health and good state of mind!
    It's always a treat and fun to answer your queries.
    I also appreciate the confidence that you have shown in us!

    See in today's world of globalization,stress is growing on the individuals more and more.
    But you need to somehow tackle this stress.

    Every person goes through some tough time in his/her personal life but it is important that you see through that tough time in an efficient manner.
    I'll suggest you to keep your personal life and the working life in two separate groups.
    Once you enter the company,the only thing that must remain in your mind is to work and concentrate on the work.
    Throw away all the thoughts associated with your personal life.
    You should treat your work as worship!
    Don't think that it is a burden on you.
    Until and unless you enjoy your work,you won't be able to succeed in life!
    So keep in mind these words and keep touching new heights!

    In order to overcome the stress,you should do the following activities-

    Morning walk

    I hope I have answered all your doubts.
    It was a pleasure answering your queries.
    Hope that you'll come up with some more challenging queries!
    Till then,take care.

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    Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work


    You should focus on your work.

    Do not let your personal problem ruin your career and job.

    Problems are part of this life.

    You cannot run away from them.

    You have to face them even if you do not like.

    DO not let yourself get stressed and fall down.

    Be bold and courageous to work passionately even though you have personal problem.

    Then you will be the right person.

    Meditate in the morning it will help you relax.

    DO some light exercise.

    And important just focus on your work.

    And do let the other thoughts come to your mind.

    All the best

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    Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work

    Problems will come to every person.even problem comes to you,you should not neglect office work.Meditate and do exercise in order to get relaxation from the stress.And try to concentrate on your work.Because of personal problems you should not let your performance down.concentrate on work.
    all the best
    thank you

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    Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work

    hello friend
    i can understand you problem but at somewhere we have to face these types of problems in our life . now what you have to do is that go to your boss office and then talk to your boss and said that due to some financial or the other problem i will not able to perform my best in my work and due to that reasons i am not able to work with full concentration so but sir i will assure you that i will definitely recover from this problem as soon as possible and get back to my work wih full concentration.
    i ma sure that your boss will understand your problem.
    thanking you hopes you like my suggestion..

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    Re: Not being able to concentrate on my work

    Hi Dear,

    Life is not a bed of roses a
    nd we are born to face challenges in life. There is not a single person in the world who is gifted with complete happiness and has no pains to suffer. But everyone is fighting against the odds of life and infact a true winner is one who handles these problems with great patience and overcomes all sorts of hurdles with a smile on his/her face.

    So, you also need to behave in a more mature and bold manner and try to face this rough patch of your life with a strong head and a strong heart.

    I know it is very difficult but if you have a strong will, then you will be able to concentrate on your work at work place and handle your personal problem at home.

    If you work hard and show the stronger side of your personality now then this extreme pain will be short lived and it will go away but the glory that it would leave behind will stay on and will be permanent.

    Wish you luck and stay blessed!

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