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    Not able to save adequate amount of money for a better future

    I am working in a small firm. My salary is very low and whatever money I get , is spent on the monthly expenses of my family. Thus I am left with almost nothing to save for the future. I am really worried about the future of our family especially my children. How to deal with such difficult times?

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    Re: Not able to save adequate amount of money for a better future

    Hi aspirant

    Your situation is definitely understandable and I completely sympathise with you. You are so concerned about your family and that is really understandable. I am happy to see your concern regarding your family and also that you so concerned about their future. But as you know you have to really work hard for achieving your goal and to make the future of your family better. So friend you should start planning from now on only regarding your family's and your own future and I am sure with proper planning and 100% dedication, you will be able to do that.

    You should not accept defeat in this case and try to increase your income by any means. For that either you can try finding a new job where you will get paid more handsomely or find a part time job which you can take up in addition to your present job. You can look for a good job through newspapers and also through the internet and I am sure you will be able to find a good job worth your calibre. Sites like naukri.com, monster.com will really help you.

    Good luck. hoping for your bright future

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    Re: Not able to save adequate amount of money for a better future

    As you are working in a small firm usually the salary will be low..So it is the time for you to work hard as possible to have a secured future..Try to work overtime or else involve yourself in other business also..It will help you..Thank you..

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