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    Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    I have just done my B.Tech in ECE and have many interviews lined up for the next few weeks. But there is an important family function after a week in our family and so the preparations are in full swing at this time. So I am not able to do my preparation properly. I know that these are the last minute preparations but still they are very important. What should I do in such a situation?

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    Re: Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    It is one of the prime time in your life since you have completed your degree course and is one the verge of entering professional life.Family function is important but you should give time for your preparation for the interviews as well since it is a matter of your career.Attend the important parts of the functions and rest of the time especially the leisure time should be devoted towards your preparation for the interview.However you should not neglect your family function totally.

    You should do the following activities to prepare for the interviews in less time.

    -Do research about the employer.It is very important to know about the company and the position for which you are going to be interviewed. A good way to collect information about the company is to go to its website and find out some important details like its business, product line, operations etc. If you go to the interview with out being aware of these details, your chances of being turned down will be very high.

    -You should do research about the position.Find out the details of the position under discussion.Find out what are the personal qualities and professional skills are needed to take up that position.This will help you in not only preparing your answers as per the employers need but also stay confident during the interview.

    -You must analyze the position and your qualifications.Your qualifications for the job role cover your educational qualifications, work experience, extra curricular activities and achievements. Try to understand, how you fit into the role. This will help you in turning the interview in your favor. You would know your shortcomings in advance and have an answer ready to convince the interviewer.

    - Predict the questions the interviewer might ask.It is always a good idea to predict the questions that can be asked. There will be some general questions, which if you answer properly can turn the interview in the direction you want it to go.

    - Prepare the questions you want to ask the interviewer.This is not only a chance to demonstrate your active participation in the job interview but also an opportunity to impress the interviewer. Ask some intelligent questions when given a chance to interview the interviewer.

    - Dress yourself professionally and reach the interview venue before time. Carry some extra copies of your CV, a notepad and a pen.

    - Stay confident and approach the interviewer as a problem solver.

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    Re: Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    Hi,You have just done your B.Tech its very important for you to prepare interview because now in these days it is very difficult to get job .Every year lac's of people completing their degrees and increasing competence for single job in any sector.So don't neglect your preparation be prepare well for interview.Getting job is very difficult now you have to be well prepare.Focus on studies and related technical concepts.Function is 1 or 2 days activity so just participate in function on that only focus remaining time on studies.You have to be strong at aptitude and reasoning because for these daily practice is very important, you must solve the problems every day.recollect once your technical concepts and concentrate on communication skills.

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    Re: Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    hello ,
    Everyone knows the importance of last minute studing and revising that what has been done .
    You must decide the importance of your interviews as this will decide which company you will be
    working for . As the market is not performing very well , not many companies are recruiting many students
    so leaving good oppertunities might cost latter .
    however , the family function also important .

    Let the preparation for your interviews flow NOW for the time you have left .

    --> Contact your freinds who have prepared topics which you
    have not studied yet . Do little combined studies this will reduce the time you will take for new topics .

    Go to some freinds place to study and there will be no distractions there .
    If you want like studing togther , then try resechuding your studing time to NIGHT time when the activites have
    stopped and sleep in the afternoon .
    Keep your self busy with studies as you wont get much time latter due to all the preparations going for the function plus
    the atmosphere will not help you much . It will be much more noisy and disturbing .

    Brush up those topics which you are good at and focus on each interview one by one .
    Try to cover as much as you can before the fuction and stick to your target .
    And be confident and everything will be fine !

    thank you .

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    Re: Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    Dear guest,

    The problem that you are facing is not unique. Almost everyone faces that problem in life once or the other time. The best thing that you can do is not to lose your cool. Stay focused on one thing, and that is your interview. It actually applies even to students as well, when they face the exams. Take it as your exam. It will be more simpler. Talk to your parents or other relatives who are well close to you. They will undrstand you and of course suggest you with solutions or even provide you with the atmosphere to do your private work.

    Sometimes we may feel it odd to let the work to be done by others and also want to contribute in doing some work when it comes to family functions. At this time the concept comes of time management. You have a aim of preparing for your interviews. According to scientists sleep of 6 to 6:30 hours of sleep is sufficient for a person. Well after that you still have 18 hours left in an hour. So carefully plan your hours of work for the function. Note that you need some special time only for your interviews. So cover up with all the necessary tasks that you have to do..

    Am sure you will do well. Good luck with your interviews and your family function.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Not able to to prepare properly for my interview

    hello friend,
    as your both things are important, i think you should manage your work. as you have completed your degree, this means you know your strengths . so in order to crack your interview you just need to polish your technical field's strengths. this could be easily done in less time. i think you should divide your whole day in this way that , some of your time is given to your preparations.
    dont skip any day without giving time to your studies. if you fail to manage enough time for your studies some day,then just revise the topics you did in previous day in the time available.
    best of luck for your future

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