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    Not able to digest the truth that my boss didnít give any promotion to me even after discussing about my new salary

    I am working in a software company. Just a week back my boss has told me that I would surely be getting a promotion within a few days and has even discussed my new salary with me at that time. But when the time came for giving the promotion I didnít find my self in the list. I am shocked and havenít been able to digest the truth since then. What should be done to overcome this ?

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    Re: Not able to digest the truth that my boss didnít give any promotion to me even after discussing about my new salary

    Dear this is really a very big shocking moment for you that you was promised to get promotion by your boss who is responsible to give promotion to all employees working in the company and he did not shortlist you for the promotion in the company so anyone can get shocked due to this moment because you did not get what you was expected for and you got something that will not leave you able to face colleagues who have got promoted by the boss

    If you want to know the cause then you should go to your boss immediately when they are free and ask them with the request that sir I am unable to digest this news after knowing that I am not in the list for which I was promised by you and this is really not good with me because no other one only you promised to give me promotion and you can see my entire work of the past and you will find no mistake in that even after I did not get promotion so May I know the reason behind this sir and also say that if there is any mistake done by me while that day of promise to now then I am really sorry for that sir but how can you break your promise after making that locked

    Your boss will say that you did not get shortlisted for promotion and may be that he tell you your mistake that you did before and if there is no mistake then you do not need to worry and just take your boss in the corner of conversation that sir I respect you a lot and you have never got any problem from my side then I am not in the list despite performing good and better than others so they will say that you will get promotion soon so you should get the date from your boss that when you will get and wait for that moment and take another promise of your boss that you will get the promotion within a month otherwise leave the company because you have been promised by boss for promotion because you perform well and he need you then you should take advantage of that necessity and just keep your argument continue with him that either promotion or resign then you will definitely get promotion because you are the precious employee for the company that company will not get again so they will make you happy with promotion and respect your boss with good behavior always

    All the best

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