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    Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion

    I have just completed my graduation and right now am looking for a job. I recently cleared a written examination for one of the leading companies and now have the group discussion lined for tomorrow. Everything was alright but now I have got a severe headache along with severe cough and cold. Thus I am not able to communicate properly. I am really afraid as to how I will be able to express myself there. Please guide me in the right direction.

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    Re: Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion

    Sorry for your position.My suggestion is don't worry about it and don't depress.No need to worry that much ,if you feel tense your headache increase and you may lost your confidence level.First of all feel free and don't be tense give your best. "Believe in yourself; trust yourself and always give the best of yourself."if you believe your self you can overcome any kind of circumstances. Take good rest and medications don't neglect your health.Group discussion is for exchanging your thoughts and expressing your ideas.Be formal and note good points and follow some tips.your Hr concentrates on your communication and the way you are expressing your feelings and how efficient it is.He doesn't bother about your voice even it is not clear because he can understand you health condition it is not your fault so be confident.Ready to give your best.

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    Re: Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely not get disheartened due to this as such things are very rare and happen only by chance. You should not accept defeat and take such things in your stride. You should fight with such situations bravely and not get dejected at all.You should give your best to this group discussion stage of yours and try do as much as you can. I can understand that you have headache and cold and thus will not be able to give your 100% but of course you should try your level best if your condition permits you to.

    For now , take proper medications as presribed by your doctor so that you can get the maximum relief . Then when you get up tomorrow and you feel that your condition allows you to , then you should definitely go there and not be afraid that what will happen there. I am sure you have prepared well and with your preparations you should do wahatever you can there. Whatever will be the outcome, atleast you will be happy that you gave your best to it and won't have any regrets at all.

    So friend, I hope you understand my point. I hope that you get well soon

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    Re: Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion

    This is caused due to the fear of the interview..So dont be stressed..Relax yourself,be calm and dont take overload for the preparation..Have a proper sleep for tomorrow..Be confident about yourself and your preparation..Take proper medicines..All the best..

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    Re: Not able to communicate properly just before group discussion

    • Group discussion is one of the essential part of the selection process, so good performance in it is very necessary to grab the job.
    • If the health of your is not good then it is possible that your's performance may not be good as it is to be.
    • Headache and cold effect your concentration power and voice speaking in group discussion.
    • In order to overcome from it, you need to take medicines so that you can feel some what better.
    • In group discussion, try to give your best and if they come to know that inspite of bad health you are performing well, then you will be selected.

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